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  1. subramanian


    I do consulting assignments through freelancer and some of my clients have become regulars dealing with me directly as we have developed good trust and working relationship. I believe they have found value in working with me. I also do assignments for MBA students in universities in UK, USA, Australia. I started through studentoffortune.com, where students have liked my work resulting in several repeat students and repeat purchases of my tutorials posted. Then I started doing on my own thro my above site, whoch has received fair amount fo response, but i feel I should really move fast on this. Honestly haven’t done any campaign. I want to reach the MBA student community through social networking sites to get them to buy my tutorials posted on my site and still doing so. Please tell me which are the best sites to reach this audience as well as potential clients for consulting work


    1. John Souza

      @Subramanian – your best bet, as usual – is to focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You can target your specific demographic by using social ads that are targeted – they’ll attract the right community members to your pages. Look into student groups on Facebook and Twitter, and participate. Otherwise you’ll have to focus on SEO, and get your website attracting large volume traffic to achieve the sales you want. Look into SEO, and the social sales funnel. – John.

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