10 Pro Blogging Tips That Will Boost Your Blog

Your blog is the most important part of your social media campaign. It’s the keystone that holds everything together. Without it, no-one would really know who you are, or what you and your brand is all about. That’s why it’s vital to keep learning so that you can become a better blogger. Today, I’m posting my top 10 pro blogging tips to help you out.

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#1: Blogs are Not Article Syndication Sites

A blog is supposed to have variations in content. You can’t treat it like an article marketing campaign. You’ll get bored, and so will your readers. List posts, guest posts, how-to’s, interviews, commentary posts, infographics, social opinion – use them all!

#2: Be Extremely Relevant and Time Specific

The Internet is all about relevance, so make sure that your blog posts are about hot topics. If it’s breaking news, you’ll get more hits and more readers super-fast!

#3: Short, Punchy, Epic Titles

Can you say in 5 words or less what your post is about, and why people should it? Work on this skill, it will make a huge difference. Titles sell your blog post, and that’s 30% of the struggle.

#4: Yes, Keywords are Still Important

We might be living in a post Panda, Penguin world, but keywords are still vital if you want your content to show up in the search engines. Don’t leave it out, or you’ll regret it.

#5: Find 5 Influential Friends and Publish There

Guest posting is essential for a good blog strategy. Find 5 blogs that are brilliant in your niche, and befriend the bloggers. Post on these sites often to attract new readers.

#6: Comment on Authority Blogs

Spend some time every day commenting on at least one or two authority blogs in your niche. Be yourself, use a gravatar – and add some quality insights there. Great for backlinks and building credibility.

#7: Promote User Generated Content

Your blog is a community centre, and it’s more fun to hang out there when there is more than one voice attached to the place. Get your fans to interact or create content!

#8: Find Problems, Then Solve Them

People online want simple, fast solutions to their problems. If you can create a blog post that does this, better than anyone else – you can bet that it will be a high traffic post.

#9: Feed Off Other Successful Posts

Find popular posts online, and create opinion posts about them. Add a new dimension to a heated argument, and you’ll nab more than a few readers along the way.

#10: Use Images and Videos Properly

Images should enhance your copy, and videos should be extremely relevant – if you’re going to use one. That’s why making your own video is a good idea. If that’s too time consuming, at least choose media that fits well.

Use these 10 insightful tips to build a successful blog with a large, thriving readership. It’s not impossible, it just takes time and strategy. You can do it!

Do you have a pro blogging tip to share with your SMM community? Share it with us here!

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