4 Ways LinkedIn Targeted Updates Make You a Better Marketer

LinkedIn remains one of the most powerful social media networking sites on the internet. In fact, with their recent targeted updates addition – LinkedIn can do a whole lot more than find you new business connections. Today we’re going to explore 4 meaningful ways that using LinkedIn targeted updates can make you a better marketer.

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#1: Target Specific Audiences

The new LinkedIn targeted updates allow you to send messages to a specific segment of the people following your company page. That means you can reach certain demographics with specific messages, to increase interest, promote product launches and hype up an oncoming sale.

Send messages to your followers based on industry, company size, geography and more. Used properly, LinkedIn updates like this can make individual sales skyrocket, especially if you’re in the information business.

#2: Your Message is Amplified

When you send out your targeted message, each one is amplified – through the power of social sharing. Your followers can choose to share your update across their own networks, which means greater reach for you and your brand message. The opportunity of viral marketing on LinkedIn has never been so attractive.

#3: Collect Information on Your Followers

When you use LinkedIn targeted updates, the analytics area on LinkedIn tracks and collects a host of follower information that can be very useful to the savvy marketer. You’ll be able to see how your followers interact with your messages. From seniority, industry, and region, to company size and function – these are stats you want to have.

#4: Analyze The Data For Improved Marketing

You’ll be able to analyze the data from your LinkedIn targeted update analytics, to greatly improve your marketing tactics as time progresses. Use stats like clicks, likes, engagement, shares and comments to work out which messages are making the most impact among your selected audiences. Then streamline your marketing messages to get the most bang for your marketing buck!

The LinkedIn targeted status updates are incredibly potent marketing tools. LinkedIn has given the ambitious marketer everything they could need to craft excellent marketing campaigns on the platform. Don’t neglect to use your LinkedIn audience as a resource tool, or as a buying public. They can be both.

How Do I Use Targeted Updates?

You’ll need a LinkedIn company page first. If you don’t have one yet, it’s highly recommended that you do take the time to set one up. People follow companies they admire, for great information, tips, resources – or just because you’re in an identical niche and have something to say.

Create targeted updates by limiting the audience parameters, so that you’re speaking directly to someone who has the highest buying potential. The targeted updates section has already proven invaluable for executive search companies, job boards and local businesses. If you want to take advantage of this new feature, then test it out today!

How do you use LinkedIn? Have you ever tried to sell your products there? Tell us your story!

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