4 Comments on “5 Brilliant Social Media Myths Busted!”

  1. MarkAylward@OnlineMarketing

    Quality versus quantity will always be the best method long term.

    I asked you guys last year and wanted to ask again if you envision at some point, writing as a person with a name instead of an entity.

    It’s less a criticism than an observation and I’d be curious as to your feedback


    1. John Souza

      @Anthony – interesting question – the two are certainly linked together, bordering on the same thing, like so many other online activities. I don’t think SEO is going to change any time soon though. Search engines need keywords to navigate and index the internet, and until this changes – metrics like trust, authority, and social relevance will always take a back seat. I don’t think they compete with each other rather, they compliment each other. What do you think?

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