7 Deadly Social Media Posting Sins You Need To Avoid

A lot of businesses are posting day after day, with absolutely no idea that they are publishing the worst kinds of posts on their social pages. These posts make people cringe, drive fans away or worse – they bore people to death. If your business is guilty of one of these 7 deadly sins of social media posting, then you need to correct it now!

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#1: Lusting To Sell More To Your Fans

If nearly all of your posts try to sell your fans something, then you’re guilty of lusting after their money. You’re also guilty of making the #1 mistake in social media – direct selling, instead of letting your reputation, knowledge and community sell for you. If your Facebook, Twitter and blog pages are strewn with sales talk, get rid of it all right now!

#2: Being Gluttonous About Information

Most social marketers spend their days working to collect or encourage interaction on their pages. This could involve all sorts of marketing tricks, in a desperate attempt to get some comments, likes or shares. Don’t be gluttonous about information – the more you give, the more you’ll receive. Help people, teach people, comment lots and lots!

#3: Having a Greedy Attitude About Who You Are

You must have noticed that the businesses that do really well with social media, are the ones that highlight the people that run their platforms. It’s far more interesting listening to Greg than it is reading something from a stationary company. Don’t be greedy about who you are, you are your business – so share your personality with your fans.

#4: Moving Like a Sloth on Your Posting Plan

A torrid sin in social media posting, is posting too little. Fans like to visit your page each day and see something new there, even if it’s something small. If you’re like a sloth when it comes to strategies and plan implementation, then you need to change your ways – or your social media sites will go one way – down.

#5: The Wrath of The Online Business Guru

It’s nice to be respected in your field, but don’t forget to be humble about it. Being overtly negative in your posts, or overly hostile to an incredibly angry commenter – is not going to elevate you in the eyes of your fans. Settle disputes by email, or at least calm the person down with promises of free samples, incentives and customer service.

#6: Envious of Other Pages Resulting in Copycat Syndrome

If your competitor is doing something great and you feel compelled to copy them all the time, keep in mind that it takes a lot of resources to make an idea work. You could be driving away the fans you have, for the sake of posting something you ‘think’ will work. Find what works for you, use your analytics systems and test out your own campaign.

#7: Too Proud to Ask For Help

No business is an island – I say it all the time. In social media, it takes a community to make a page work, so don’t be too proud to ask them for help. After all, they use your page as well. Get ideas, knowledge and help from your pool of fans, and improve your pages the old fashioned way.

Do you know of another deadly social media posting sin, that small business owners need to avoid? Tell me about it here!

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smlanding7 Deadly Social Media Posting Sins You Need To Avoid

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