7 Steps To Improved Lead Generation With Social Media

All businesses online need leads, and what better way to get them than through your social profile! Creating an ideal lead generation environment or strategy can rapidly grow your business. That’s why today, I’m going to list 7 crucial steps that you need to take to improve your current lead generation plan.

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#1: Less is Always More With Social

The key to any successful social lead generation strategy is to keep it simple, and balanced. If you own a small business and can only have a quality social presence on Facebook, Twitter and a blog – then that should be your entire profile. Exclude bits you don’t need.

#2: Collect Social Proof

Social media gives business owners the chance to collect social proof, or marketing collateral. Source testimonials, reviews and references from past clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your blog. Publish these prominently to build credibility.

#3: Have a Weekly Analytics Strategy

If you aren’t bothering with analytics just yet – do! They can help you fix problems in your social sales funnel. Use your data to figure out where you should focus your efforts, as well as what is and isn’t working – content wise. Only analytics can tell you this!

#4: Focus On Interactive Media

Not getting enough interaction on your pages? It’s because you haven’t given your fans a reason to interact! Create an interactive application, an entertaining video or a fun infographic that can be syndicated online. Give your fans a reason, for max interaction!

#5: Check on Your Final Sales Processes

Most businesses can’t convert leads into revenue, because the final part of their sales funnel doesn’t work. What is yours like? How do you convince people to buy? Do you make your online processes as easy as possible? Can your fans buy from you in one click?

#6: Use Twitter as a Content Sourcing Tool

Whatever happens in the world, happens first on Twitter. Use it as a monitoring tool, to keep you updated on the latest trends in your niche. You’ll be able to write to-the-second posts on something hot, because you heard it first – before the newswires did.

#7: If It Belongs To You, Brand It!

There is a distinct lack of branding on the internet, especially from small businesses. If you create a piece of content, an image, a video – even a comment – brand it! Getting your brand out there will do more for you than you think. Brand recognition is key.

These 7 excellent lead generation tips are just the tip of the iceberg. When was the last time you looked at your business from the perspective of a potential customer? Do that now! You’ll be surprised what you find.

Fill in the gaps, concentrate on making some sites better than others, and you’ll be able to source more leads, and convert them into buyers. After all, what good is your social strategy if it’s not earning you money?

How do you source and capture leads, using your social media tools, sites and strategies? I’d like to hear from you!

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