Meet Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr started his career working for IBM as a marketing representative. During his time at IBM Mr. Tarr won numerous awards and learned world class sales and service principles. Post IBM, Mr Tarr started and sold a sales training business and became VP of Sales and Marketing for several software and data companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. It was during this period that Mr. Tarr was exposed to the principles of direct response marketing.

He made the transition to online marketing in 1998 and ran his first email campaign in 2001. Since that time Mr. Tarr has been actively involved in email marketing as the industry matured. In 2004 Mr Tarr joined the Internet Marketing Center and coached over 82 companies in world-class Internet marketing skills, one of which was email marketing concepts. In 2006 Mr. Tarr was promoted to VP Marketing of the Internet Marketing Center and became responsible for their email campaigns which involved over 1,200 campaigns each year.

One of the key strategies of maximizing email effectiveness involved the testing of various email strategies to maximize the results. This testing taught Mr. Tarr what works and doesn’t work with regard to newsletter, transactional, autroreponder, and promotional emails. In 2008 Mr Tarr founded ZinMarketing Inc. offering email consulting and services to small business. Since then ZinMarketing has grown into a solid provider of email services and has successfully designed over 2,400 email campaigns in over 104 different industries. Based on the proven principles learned over thousands of campaigns Mr. Tarr developed the email program Email for Success for SMMU and continues to explore and test new strategies as this marketing channel continues to evolve.

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