3 Comments on “Is About.Me Worth Using For Your Business?”

  1. Spike_Mobile

    About.me is a terrific idea. It makes it so easy for people to connect with me using on link. Either networking, in my email signature or on social media sites. They can connect with me where they are instead of me asking which sites they use.

    I’m doing social media for another business and we’ll be using several channels to share their brand, I’ll definitely be setting up an about.me page as a home base.

  2. Victor Hou

    Having a centralized social page is a great idea and a market I feel hasn’t been fully tapped, as more and more new social networks will continue to appear each day, content creators and brands need to more easily centralize their properties, I would say check out http://www.trendstartr.com as they are the most complete platform with a unique approach then any other

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