Pay Per Click: How to create and implement
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Pay Per Click – 6-Session Online Course – Get Started in 60 Seconds – Immediate Results or Your Money Back!

Target prospects with precision. Drive buyers to your site. Gain priceless “inside information” on your audience. Improve your ROI, CPA, and CPL.

  • Learn how to find the top keywords for the biggest results
  • Discover how to create high-conversion landing pages…
  • Find out the best ways to design and test your sales funnels…
  • Learn how to evaluate your performance and optimize for success…
  • And, much more…

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Thank you very much for this! I am VERY interested in doing the certification!
Annemarie O'Brien
Senior Advisor
Trying not to be overwhelmed by all my new social media knowledge!
Jessica Buffenstein
Small Business Administration
Great class on advance usage of Twitter.
Paul Knipe
Management Consulting / Blackmore Partners
Just finished an awesome webinar on Social Media Marketing. I hope to implement many of the ideas soon. #SMMU
Kari McCrory
Owner & Blogger / Get Fit with Kari
Got my certificate in the mail from SMMU on my courses in Social Media...I'm a certified social media marketer...I love that name 🙂
Karen Heck
Creative Career Expert / Give Yourself Power
The certification program helped me in understanding the basics of each social media tool. I also enjoyed the discussions.
Sandy Schusteff
All of the training was very valuable
Pauline T. Coderre
Strategy Consultant / Health Education Development for US Medical
@SMMagic Thanks #SMMU from this converted online lifelong learner! Everybody at SMMU rocks too.
Becky Bohan Brown
Founder & President / Population-we

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Your 6-Session Certification Curriculum Includes:

Session 1: How to Research Keywords to Find Pockets of Buyers

Researching keywords is one of the most misunderstood areas of PPC. Most of your competitors are getting it all wrong. In this important first lesson, you’ll learn the right way to find the best keywords to drive traffic to your site.
Featured highlights include:

  • Learn what the inversion method is and how to use if for optimal keyword research
  • Discover the quickest, easiest and most effective way to organize your AdWords accounts
  • Find out how create “continuity” so you can systematically increase your conversions
  • Learn how to get big wins in the current PPC environment
  • Uncover where the biggest PPC opportunities are hidden
  • Get equipped with the critical tools you need for keyword research done right

Session 2: Designing Landing Pages

Pay Per Click
You could have the best PPC ads, but if your landing page hasn’t been designed for success, you’re going to be paying for clicks that don’t convert. In this information-packed session, you will learn the art and science of creating high-performance landing pages that dramatically boost conversions.
Featured highlights include:

  • Find out exactly how to developing killer PPC-specific landing pages
  • Learn the 12 Step method for developing and testing landing pages
  • Discover the easiest way to plan a successful landing page
  • Get equipped with the Top 8 Ideas for creating incredible landing pages
  • Learn the 7 Best Components of landing pages that convert
  • Get the 5-Point checklist for landing page optimization
  • Learn the best ways to “translate” your product or service into high-power landing pages

Session 3: Designing and Testing Conversion Funnels

Many people set up their sales funnels incorrectly. The result? Wasted time, money and effort. A sales funnel done wrong means you’re leaving money on the table. In this key session, you’ll learn how to set up every aspect of your sales funnel. You’ll discover the right way to move your customer through the cycle to make sure they’re doing exactly what you want them to do.
Featured highlights include:

  • Understand your goals and how to create sales funnels that generate conversions
  • Learn how to troubleshoot your underperforming funnels
  • Find out the best ways to fix issues “upstream” that are preventing the conversions you need
  • Learn how to plan your marketing budget in relation to each step in your funnel
  • Uncover leaks in your revenue stream and find out how to patch them
  • Learn our time-tested and proven formula for optimization

Session 4: Setting Up AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords has changed a lot over the last few years. Having a well-organized account plays a more critical role than ever.In this session, you’ll learn how to manipulate your campaign settings to laser-target your traffic. You’ll learn step-by-step techniques for adding new keywords and ad copy so you can walk away and know exactly how to run an AdWords campaign.
Featured highlights include:

  • Learn how to use campaigns settings to control your budget goals and targeting
  • Find out how to segment based on networks, geography, and computer devices
  • Learn the best ways to use budget settings to only get select impressions
  • Find out how to effectively organize keywords lists and import them into AdWords
  • Get equipped with the top system for increasing keyword to ad text relevancy
  • Learn the best methods for using third-party PPC tools
  • Find how to use Traffic Estimator to establish most valuable bids
  • Learn how to do A/B testing with free tools to guarantee results
  • Uncover the top 12 optimization tips you need to use once your campaign has gone live

Session 5: Setting Up Google Analytics for PPC

Google Analytics is incredibly useful for tracking the results of your PPC advertising. With all the data you can mine, you can learn fantastic information about your prospects. In this session, you’ll learn the right and wrong ways to make Analytics works for you. If you want to skyrocket the success of your AdWords campaigns, this is the lesson for you.
Featured highlights include:

  • Learn how to set up a Google Analytics accounts, including your profile, filters and users
  • Find out how to install standard and advanced tracking scripts
  • Discover the difference between how Analytics tracks vs. AdWords
  • Learn how to set up conversion goal tracking and funnels
  • Learn the best ways to use key reports to get critical insights from Analytics
  • Find the most effective way to automate your daily reporting to track website sites
  • Learn how to monitor your visitor quality and engagement
  • Find out how to use Analytics to find the leaks in your sales funnels and fix them fast

Session 6: How to Use Analytics to Find the Leaks in Your Sales Funnels

If optimization is the key to profits with AdWords, then Google Website Optimizer is the shortest path to get there. With just a few mouse clicks you can be up and running with your first A/B tests. In this final session, you’ll learn how to organize your landing page testing so you don’t make common, costly mistakes.
Featured highlights include:

  • Discover how to make designing your tests stress free and super productive
  • Learn when to use A/B test versus multivariate testing
  • Find out how to set up your first A/B and multivariate experiments
  • Learn how to install tracking scripts for Website Optimizer
  • Get great ideas for A/B testing your landing pages
  • Uncover the most common landing page test mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to quickly create variations of your landing pages to test

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  • Session 4: Setting Up AdWords Campaigns
  • Session 5: Setting Up Google Analytics for PPC
  • Session 6: How to Use Analytics to Find the Leaks in Your Sales Funnels
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