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Welcome to the Social Media FAST TRACK!

Erik Qualman, the best-selling author of Socialnomics may have said it best when he said…

“We really don’t have a choice on whether we do
social media, the question is how well we do it.”

It’s no secret that Social Media is exploding.

According to Nielsen Online, Social Networks & Blogs have surpassed even email in global popularity, and are growing at a rate of more than three times as fast as overall internet growth.

Millions of people use social sites every day. That’s millions of conversations taking place online each day.

Shouldn’t you be there too?

During This 5 Module Online
Training Course You Will Learn:

  • How Social Media Marketing is best used by regular people, entrepreneurs and career professionals
  • Choosing the right social media sites and tools for your needs and the best tactics to use
  • How to get started and how to maintain your social media campaign
  • Top 10 Keys to Social Media Marketing Success
  • How to create and setup a highly effective and optimized profile that people will love
  • How to reach and connect with the people you want to meet
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing
  • How to use Social Media to attract top paying, high-end clients

With Social Media Fast Track, you’ll discover how forward-thinking, savvy people, business owners and leaders turn social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter into one of their most valuable resources, and how YOU can too (even if your motivation is not profit).

Here is the step by step roadmap of how you (and your company) can reach out and tap into this rapidly growing audience of more than 300 million potential connections. We call it “The Social Media Fast Track”.

Here is what is included:

Module 1: Twitter Basics

  • Introduction to Twitter
  • What is Twitter & why you should use it
  • How other businesses are using Twitter
  • Discover the do’s and don’ts of Twitter
  • Learn how to create result-driven content
  • Gain knowledge of how to use profiles to generate sales leads

Advanced Twitter Strategies

  • Find out about the benefits of using 3rd party tools
  • Learn the 10 tools to maximize effectiveness on twitter
  • Discover how measure your Twitter strategy using monitoring tools

Module 2: Facebook Basics

  • Learn how to set up your profile
  • Understand the difference between friends and followers and the importance of choosing the right username
  • Find out how to navigate your newsfeed and lists
  • Discover the in’s and out’s of your account, privacy settings, and notifications

Advanced Facebook Strategies

  • How to start and create a page
  • Understanding page settings
  • Learn about Facebook Advertising options
  • Create your own Facebook ads

Module 3: LinkedIn Social Selling

  • Session 1: Intro
  • Session 2: Managing Your Settings, Tagging and Groups
  • Session 3 Part 1: Creating a Value Centric Profile
  • Session 4: Thought Leadership and Pulse
  • Session 5: Researching a Buyer’s Profile
  • Session 6: Engaging With Those That have Reached Out to You
  • Session 7: How To Proactively Engage
  • Session 8: Prospecting

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

  • Manage your contacts
  • Discover how LinkedIn Groups work and why they are important
  • Understand LinkedIn updates

Module 4: Social Media Strategies

  • Social Media Management: 101
  • Social Media Strategy: 101
  • Social Media Policy for Business
  • Social Media Measurement for Business

Module 5: Business Blogging

  • Introduction: Why Start Blogging?
  • Is a Blog an Effective way to Meet your Goals?
  • Speed to Money – Don’t set Yourself up for Failure
  • What Role will the Blog in your Business
  • What Kind of Blog Suits you Best
  • Why Start Blogging – Review

When we selected the content for this Fast Track Course, we took into account feedback from our over 125,000 students and only included the absolute most important step-by-step instruction to get you up and running – avoiding all the common mistakes and pitfalls – as FAST as possible!

After completing your Fast Track course, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a plan and strategy to effectively implement Social Media
  • Build connections and gain new customers
  • Boost personal (or professional) brand equity and a stronger reputation
  • Establish and build quality relationships
  • Position yourself as a leader in your industry and Subject Matter Expert
  • Create high-quality backlinks to your Web site to boost SEO (even if it’s just a hobby website)
  • Delegate and outsource to minimize your time investment and maximize your ROI
  • PLUS: You will receive an official, signed digital Certificate of Enrollment!


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