2 Comments on “Business Applications For Podcasting”

  1. Tom Tuerff

    Remember, your podcast is only as interesting as the people presenting it. It helps to be comfortable in front of a microphone, since “scared” usually translates to the listener as “unprepared,” “tired,” “boring” and “unlistenable.”

    Before you dive into the podcast world, tape a few rehearsals. See how long you can go and still be interesting. Have your co-workers listen to it and tell them to be honest with you.

    1. John Souza

      @Tom – Great advice Tom, creating a podcast is definitely not as easy as it sounds, it take a lot of practice and confidence to pull it off. I’ve never known a podcast to turn out badly though, if they’ve pre-written a script and smoothed out all the problems before its release! A video podcast on the other hand, might be better suited an employee in the office who is a natural on camera – there are always ways around being camera shy!

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