Slideshare – Why You Should Use It

There are a lot of good reasons to consider using Slideshare as a part of your social media campaign, especially programs like Adshare and Leadshare.

smlandingSlideshare – Why You Should Use It

Facebook’s New “Like” Button

If you haven’t already heard, Facebook recently announced a whole slew of changes (it’s a shocker, I know), including the ability to post a Facebook “Like” button on any website…

smlandingFacebook’s New “Like” Button

The Fuss Over Real-Time Search

There’s been a lot of press about real-time search, and the search engines (like Bing or Google) that have previously jumped on board, but many are still questioning what all the fuss is about.

smlandingThe Fuss Over Real-Time Search

Domino’s Pizza and Kodak: Using Social Media Creatively

Every once-in-a-while we like to look at what other businesses are doing on the social media front, and recently there have been two that have caught our attention: Domino’s Pizza and Kodak.

smlandingDomino’s Pizza and Kodak: Using Social Media Creatively

Five Company Blogs That Have Somethin’ Goin’ On

Blogs written by a company generally garner wrinkled noses or polite yawns due to their sometimes stuffy writing and bland stories (though to be fair, it’s tough to create compelling posts when you’ve got to make sure you don’t embroil the company in a PR nightmare, or legal quagmire), but every so often a company manages to create a blog that’s both interesting, and brand-enhancing.

smlandingFive Company Blogs That Have Somethin’ Goin’ On