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Frequent Questions about All Access Pass

What is the All Access Pass?

At the heart of the program are 13 interactive, hands-on, and results-based Social Media Marketing University CertificationsThese are the same Certifications that sell every day for $497 each and have gotten us recognized as a top social media training firm, highlighted as the leader by Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and countless others. You can see the full details here.

What kind of training do I get?

Below you’ll see a sample of what you get when you are an All Access Pass member. This video is taken from our Facebook Certification course and is representative of the over 240 full-length training videos you have instant access to view online as soon as you grab your All Access Pass.

Do I really get access to all 13 full certification courses?

Yes, you really do. You get full access to all 13 certification courses ($6461 Value) + Social Media Inner Circle ($1261+ Value) completely FREE for 14 Days. You get to login and use all the course materials and join in on the live WEEKLY up-to-the-minute Inner Circle calls.

What if I decide it’s not for me – how do I cancel?

If you decide it’s not right for you, you can cancel anytime in the next 14 days by opening a ticket at and not be billed another dime. On the 15th day, unless you cancel by opening a support ticket at, your membership continues at $197/month for as long as you want to keep access to the Certification Courses and Social Media inner Circle. There are no contracts, no long-term obligations and after your trial you can cancel anytime. We do not offer refunds for any billing.

 Start My All Access Pass 14-Day Preview Now


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