4 Comments on “How To NOT Enrage Your Fans: 4 Lessons From The Nikon Debacle”

  1. Aruna

    Nikon’s apology should have been on the lines as,” We sincerely regret the recent post on facebook. Nikon management sincerely apologizes for hurting the sentiments of our dear fans. We would like to assure you that the contents of the post in way represents the views of Nikon and its management. We have since taken measures to ensure that all updates are vetted by responsible staff…”

    1. John Souza

      Exactly @Aruna, they should have said that the comment that was made was by an individual, who made a mistake. That clause would have helped. – John

  2. Ron Klassen

    I think most of us know what Nikon MEANT to say, but the words chosen didn’t quite get the message across. My guess is nearly everyone who writes has inadvertently made a similar mistake, Social Media makes it instantly read by 1000’s. When you think about it, there’s a bit of over-reaction going on here too. . .

    I sincerely hope that Nikon didn’t punish the individual who posted this, but used it as a training exercise for anyone involved in ANY communication.

    It would probably be best if the response would NOT have said “responsible management” or anything like that. Much better had it been a personal, heartfelt and SINCERE apology for poor choice of words. Sincerity is the most important part. Perhaps should have come from fairly high up, but have been VERY sincere.

    Some pundits are suggesting that everyone in the company should be able to post to SM and this is clearly what CAN happen. How does one balance the desire to make conversations natural and spontaneous while avoiding potential errors such as this one?

    1. John Souza

      @Ron, like you say Ron, through trial, error and continued education. It’s the over reaction that snowballs – more and more people get upset, as they see how many people ARE upset. That’s social for you! Great insight here, I appreciate it. – John.

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