4 Comments on “Facebook Analytics and What They Mean To Your Page”

  1. sonia

    I’ve read that shortened links (hootsuite insists on shortening) don’t get as good edge rank. But the long links are so long, I usually delete them from the post, assuming that clicking on the thumbnail will take folks there. Is this OK? Or do I need to leave that alphabet soup in the comment?

    1. John Souza

      @Sonia, it would only effect your edgerank score if your fans negatively responded to your shortened links, which can be remedied with a good text line beforehand. Don’t stress about using short links. – John

  2. papa12456d

    it’s still not clear what does “x number of people saw this post” What is the criteria or meaning of seeing the post?

    1. John Souza

      It comes down to reach – the more people that ‘see’ your post – improves the engagement potential and impact of any virality or action that you’ve prompted. You’ll want high organic and high viral numbers there.

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