Facebook and Your Blog: Why The Two Should Meet

Your blog is the centre of information for you and your business, a hub of expertise and knowledge – waiting to be explored by those lucky readers who haven’t discovered it yet. That’s why we are completely puzzled by bloggers that don’t use Facebook to promote their blog.

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If advertisers see merit in exposing their sales messages to the 500 million or more Facebook users online – why not do the same with your business blog? Here’s why you should do it ASAP!

The Social Network

As social media progresses, brilliant coders are coming up with ways for us to sync things together – and make posting on each of our networks ‘not as painful or repetitive.’

Your blog needs to be linked with your Facebook page to feed community interaction between the two platforms. Facebook is a nice place to find new readers – your blog is a great place to turn them into long term subscribers.

Create a large enough social network on Facebook, and then surprise them with links to your blog. There is no simpler way to find targeted traffic that is actually interested in the subject you are blogging about.

Think about it! You can find people on Facebook who are enthusiastic about a niche topic. Find them, invite them – lead them to your blog. It can only expand your readership.

Cross Publication and Popularity

Did you know that your blog can go from 100 readers to 100 000 in a matter of months, if you post your blogs on Facebook? Content goes viral there, quicker than anywhere else on the internet.

It doesn’t have to be a hassle either. Simply use the ‘wordbook’ plugin on your WordPress site, and it will make sure that your blog posts are automatically published on your Facebook page – as soon as they go live.

You can also cross publish by importing your blog into the ‘notes’ section on Facebook, where your fans will be able to read and comment on posts you have published.

When you have a great blog your Facebook community will grow, and as a result – inform your Facebook community about each new post as it happens. This is almost more effective than an RSS feed. Why not use it to your advantage!

Community Research

Even with a community of 200 loyal readers, your blog will occasionally struggle to get responses from your community.

On a platform like Facebook, people are way more willing to get involved, comment or make a point – because that’s what Facebook is all about. In this way it can increase your comments and popularity – but it also gets you answers when you need them most.

That e-book you’ve been dying to write? Ask your blog community on Facebook whether it’s a good idea, and get them involved. You’ll get more feedback there than anywhere else. It’s a blog research goldmine!

So, if you’ve been wondering why your blog and Facebook page should meet – now you know. Can you think of any other benefits that syncing these two platforms might bring to light? Let us know!

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smlandingFacebook and Your Blog: Why The Two Should Meet

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