10 Comments on “Help! I’m a Social Media Manager! What Is Expected of Me?”

  1. Stringy

    Hi John,

    That’s great. And as i have been recently pushed into this role it is great to know how to be able to demonstrate my work.

    Can you suggest any software or web based apps for best mapping social media reach for the purposes of mapping one’s impact?

    1. John Souza

      For sure Stringy, I would recommend Hootsuite or Argyle Social for social media dashboards that work (with great analytics) – but I wouldn’t discount the use of a good old fashioned Excel spread sheet to keep all of your strategies and tracking in one place. Social dashboards are brilliant for platform-centric strategy, but you’ll need to focus on content strategy as well, and as yet – there’s nothing on the market that really allows you to do this!

  2. Jessica

    Like the comment below I have been sort of pushed into this position, which I love, but am still learning about (we are a really small company). I enjoy seeing results but don’t necessarily know how to develop a plan and achieve results. Any good books or learning materials you can suggest for newbies?

    1. John Souza

      To be honest Jessica, blogs are the best place to find out what is what with social media. Books become outdated too quickly, so there is always the danger of learning old practices that don’t work anymore. That said, ‘Content Rules’ by CC Chapman and Ann Handley is the best place to begin. If you need to know something specific, ask me and I’ll do a post 🙂

  3. lauren

    With the company I work for I feel like i’ve gotten into a routine and it just isn’t quite working, There’s growth but it’s extremely slow and I fear our followers will get sick of seeing the same things… any suggestions?

    1. John Souza

      Hi Lauren,
      If you’d like to leave the account names or hyperlinks here, I can take a look at give some suggestions on how to improve them, as well as focus on what they’re already doing well.

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