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The Social Media Inner Circle is your exclusive direct access to the best and the brightest social media minds in the marketing and business world… and the best part is we meet every single week bringing you the latest Social Media Marketing information.

Step 1 – Register for This Month’s Webinars:

As a member you get 4 meetings per month on Tuesdays at 6 PM EST. This is the core of your Inner Circle membership and is guaranteed to keep you on the cutting edge in Social Media happenings. Webinar registration links are posted at the beginning of each month. If you miss a webinar the replay will be posted to the Webinar Replay page within 2 business days following the live webinar.

  • 1st Call : Live Q&A

    This will be an “open mic” call for any and all of your Questions. We usually get a ton of questions so to be sure your’s is answered send it in advance to support with a subject of “SMIC Q&A Question”

  • 2nd Call : What’s Working Now

    If you want to know what’s working now and what’s new in our business

  • 3rd Call : Hot Seat

    We will guide you through the Social Media strategies of popular businesses this is the place to be to learn directly from the experts. The good, the bad and the ugly.

  • 4th Call : Tools and Tips

    So many tools pop up that we investigate what works best for your social media business.

Step 2 – Join Our Private Facebook Group:

This is where we all gather to ask key questions and get solutions about our burning social media questions! You can ask any question and not only do we monitor the group, but Inner Circle members can offer their support on what has worked best for them. If you have a question between our weekly calls, this is the fastest place to get an answer!

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If you ever have any questions or need any help, just contact our Student Help Center at www.smmu.com/support.

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John Souza
Founder and Chief Strategist


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