2 Comments on “Lessons From Seth Godin on Inbound Marketing Strategy”

  1. Ed Marsh

    I absolutely agree with the concept of inbound marketing and have seen remarkable results particularly in the B2B world.

    But it is far more than a “social media” strategy. While SM plays a huge role in promotion of content and the social component of search authority, the core has to be the content – a continuous flow (according to a strategically crafted editorial calendar based on a cerebral understanding of buyers, buying process, pain and value) of great content across channels and mediums to accomodate different user preferences and search considerations.

    And the most important line in the article? “An inbound marketing process follows a strict set of steps.” Most efforts break down because it is hard work – although it’s a fun concept using tools that are somewhat relaxed, success only comes through consistency and focus. One of the best inbound marketers I know is a recovering chemical engineer!

    1. John Souza

      Agreed, its an overall content strategy. Persistence is one of those traits you can’t study to learn – but it pays off the most online. What is that old mantra ‘3 feet from gold?’ – you never know how close you are to total success online until it happens. You might believe that you’re failing, but your next tweak or change could be the one! Thanks for reading Ed πŸ™‚

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