The NEW MySpace: Justin Timberlake is Bringing Sexy Back

The new MySpace re-launch gossip has hit the internet, as the brainchild of Specific Media and celeb partner Justin Timberlake. The internet is aflame with discussion on the impending network re-launch, and whether it will take MySpace from 0 to hero once again. Today, I’m taking a look at the gossip myself, to see if Justin has brought ‘sexy’ back to MySpace.

The Old and The New MySpace

The old MySpace was big in the early days of social media, and then flunked out when the larger, more advanced sites like Facebook and Twitter rose to take its place in the later 2000’s. The overall consensus was that MySpace couldn’t adapt to change. It became stagnant and then fell under the crushing burden of being an out-dated social site.

After that, it took some wrong turns, essentially making things worse for itself online. It went from being a social network, to being a music social network, to being a music site with social network features, to being an advertising site with music and social features.

I don’t need to tell you how many people fled the MySpace sinking ship.

It was eventually sold to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake for a paltry $35 million dollars. That’s an astounding $545 million dollars less than what it was bought for a few years earlier!

MySpace rose to power in 2004, and attracted more than 75 million visitors at its peak in 2008. There’s no doubt – it was the first big thing in social media, aside from Friendster. But Facebook and its kin, killed the MySpace star.

Now, the strange media-celeb partnership will result in a new MySpace. What can we expect?

MySpace Revamped

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Justin MySpace

  • You can expect to get started on the new Myspace (with the URL!) by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Upload a nice size image (up to 5mb), state your location and tell the world a bit about yourself (the famous subject line notorious on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Import your friends from Facebook and Twitter into MySpace.
  • Bring your ‘stuff’ over from these sites, like your video and image albums.
  • MySpace has more of a Pinterest-style layout now. It’s very customizable and focuses on music, video and media. It looks great!
  • Innovative new ‘floating’ profile box on the left of the screen. Contains your profile, latest, mixes, connections, shop, events and music catalog.
  • New trend in using ALL of the screen for image enhancement – another great innovation and well spotted by Specific Media.
  • Top fans list and analytics for your music.
  • Twitter-like updates for communication.

After reviewing their upcoming launch video, I have to say – I’m impressed. Before, the old MySpace was a crowded beach of old
code, poor design and tacky advertising. This new design is listening to what the people want.

They want media-focused design – they want ‘update’ features, and easier ways of sharing content in 2 seconds or less. Best of all, the people they had work on the new MySpace clearly have a firm grasp on modern social networking.

I feel strange about saying this, but I’d sooner use the new MySpace over Google+. They’ve scaled it up, toned it down and placed the right emphasis in the right places. I didn’t see any blatant advertising hanging around (yay!). I honestly think that Justin Timberlake and Specific Media have put the sexy back in MySpace.

We’ll see how the public reacts when it’s re-launched. All you music, film and media buffs however, would be wise to join. I predict MySpace will be to media, what LinkedIn is to business, and Pinterest is to images.

Check out the upcoming launch video here.

What do you like about the new MySpace? Share your insights with us below!

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