NOT COOL, COOKIE: The Brand on Brand War Ft Oreo and AMC Theatres

The internet is alive with brand-on-brand controversy, as popular theatre chain AMC Theatres speaks out on Twitter, against a poorly contrived tweet from the Zeus of cookie companies – Oreo. Let’s examine what went wrong, and why so many tweeters had a little something of their own to add to the conversation.

The Tweet That Sparked The BOB War

It was a day like any other, one that Nabisco brand Oreo’s, would soon remember as the day a single tweet sparked a brand war. The tweet in question was basic – almost mundane, except that it made one fundamental mistake. Can you see it?

“Ever bring your own Oreo cookies to the movie theater? #slicksnacker” – @Oreo

At first glance, this has the makings of a decent tweet – it invites fans to tell personal stories about their experiences with Oreos. Of course, it also flies in the face of theatres that don’t allow people to bring outside food into their cinemas.

In case you overlooked the #slicksnacker hashtag, the tag irrevocably says that Oreo supports breaking theatre rules. Who cares right, as long as people are eating cookies!

There’s a reason they don’t allow customers to bring food from home – they lose revenue at their own food stands, and as we all know – since pirate downloading became so popular, cinemas need every bit of income they can get to survive.

The Response That Sparked The Public Comments

The response came from AMC Theatres, a bulky 136,000 strong vs. Oreo’s own 53,000 Twitter fans. It was as they say in Twitterland, a ‘social media smack down.’ These smack downs are happening increasingly, as brand ideals and ideas cross paths.

Shane Adams, the man behind the “NOT COOL, COOKIE” tweet, was rightfully insulted by Oreos flagrant lack of consideration for other businesses. Surely at this point, the cookie brand would apologize, like any decent brand would.

Instead Oreo replied: “Fair enough, @AMCTheatres, but don’t hate the player, hate the game”

Tacky, and worse – Oreo thought a bit of slang could excuse the way they carelessly published poor advice, on an ignorant hashtag. You don’t expect that from a large brand online, not at this stage in social media. Fail! AMC only had one thing to say – GAME ON!

SMM’s Take on Responses and Oreos Fail Reply

The #slicksnacker hashtag became a place for Oreo fans, AMC Theatre fans and everyone else to snicker at Oreos idiocy, and applaud the way the theatre company stood up for itself.

Fan replies ranged from ‘looool,’ ‘best tweet ever,’ and ‘stealing Oreos hashtag’ to ‘I now have a new found affection for Oreo cookies, concession prices are outrageous.’

Clearly, the public sentiment split both ways – some people supported Oreos and others the theatre chain. Ethically, Oreos was wrong. And that is the end of that. No amount of snarky replies could polish the dent that Oreos has made to itself online.

Other companies will be watching to see if Oreos self-motivated Twitter strategy will end up posing a threat to their business next.

Which side do you support – Oreos or AMCTheatres? Tell us why and contribute to the brand on brand debate!

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smlandingNOT COOL, COOKIE: The Brand on Brand War Ft Oreo and AMC Theatres

3 Comments on “NOT COOL, COOKIE: The Brand on Brand War Ft Oreo and AMC Theatres”

  1. Tom Hudson

    The theater is obviously right. Oreos should have acknowledged the right of theaters to limit or ban outside food, but also could have asked if there were any who had taken Oreos into such an event. Being respectful toward others is not optional. Actively discouraging inappropriate activity should also be encouraged, but the reality is many break the rules on this. If the tweet had been worded a bit better, perhaps they could have it both ways. But doing as they did will only reinforce the negative behavior. Violaters will be encouraged and others will become more upset.

    1. John Souza

      @Tom – thanks for your take on the debacle Tom. I agree with you that it was overstepping the mark on Oreo’s part. Keep reading 🙂 – John

  2. Boris

    Oreo isn’t “wrong” and hard to think it was an intentional hurt to AMC. They just are creative in thinking about what people do anyways. The truth is AMC is already losing money as people bring their own snacks. The real issue is AMC gouges the clients. It is ridiculous pricing that spits in the face of the consumer. Charge a fair and reasonable price and the issue goes away. Oreo is not the only thing sitting in the pockets of people believing they are getting blatantly ripped off.

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