How To Rapidly Grow Your Business With a Social Blog

A blog can be one of the most difficult social platforms to master – but luckily, it’s also the most beneficial. Today, I’m going to take a look at how you can rapidly expand your business with some basic ‘universal rules’ of blogging. These are the ‘rapid growth’ secrets only the top bloggers know about!

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#1: Rapid Growth Through Content Marketing

There is no such thing as posting a single blog post. Ideally, every post should be connected to a larger, ongoing content marketing strategy – so that you can really take advantage of network traffic, links and exposure. Each post for example, should come with 5 articles for the article directories, a Youtube video, a set of 10 tweets and 2 Facebook updates.

This network of content needs to be published at the same time, and each will feed traffic to the other – and eventually to the ‘core’ content, the blog post. Your network of content can be as large as you like. These networks turn 100 visits, into 25,000 visits, easily.

#2: Rapid Growth Through Social Media Syndication

Every blog post needs to be supported by a great social syndication strategy. On posting, you can have the post published to your Facebook business page via RSS Graffiti – an app. You can syndicate on the Networked Blogs network on Facebook. Create original posts for Twitter, and bookmark your blog page on 5 of the major social bookmarking sites.

#3: Rapid Growth Through Guest Posting

Guest posting is the fastest way to attract an audience – which is the biggest problem new bloggers have. They post and post, but no-one ever comments, shares, likes or bookmarks their blog. Focus on getting at least 2 guest posts out each month on popular niche related blogs, and you’ll see how fast your blog can grow!

#4: Rapid Growth Through Original Images

Bloggers these days have become a little bit lazy. They write a 300 word post, and then slap any old image in WordPress to complete the effect. A better tactic would be to create original images, either with photoshop or by camera. If you can’t do that – then at least select strategic photos that will enhance your content.

#5: Rapid Growth Through Daily Posting and Marketing

Businesses always complain that blogs don’t work – but these same businesses are the ones only posting once a week. You have to post once a day or more, to get any sort of serious result from managing a blog. And you better believe that each of these posts has to come with a marketing plan.

A blog can be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. But first you need to acknowledge these little known universal laws of blogging. Gone are the days where you can post a blog, leave it and still get interaction from fans. You have to give them a reason to return to your blog, and even better reasons to take action and comment or share.

What tactic do you find has worked best for the growth of your blog so far? Let me know!

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3 Comments on “How To Rapidly Grow Your Business With a Social Blog”

  1. Jack Pyle

    I appreciate your comments. I especially found #1 helpful. I will start using it soon. By blogging and promoting the blog post on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn groups, I have increased website visits from 25/month six months ago to 1,000/month now. Your tips will help me expand it much more. Thanks, again.

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