Researching and Creating Effective Facebook Adverts

Facebook advertising is the new PPC advertising – only with more potential. That’s because on Facebook you can hone in on your exact target market more efficiently than with Google PPC advertising. Plus your advert can gain in influence, as people choose to ‘like’ it or not. With more than 500 million people waiting to be targeted on Facebook – you’ll need to know how to effectively research and write your adverts.

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If you work on making your Facebook adverts enticing, then you will see some great returns for your efforts. Let’s break it down into some clear steps that you can implement before launching your ad campaign.

Your Immediate Goal

What does your Facebook advert exist to achieve? Is it there to make money? To gather a community for you? To promote your business? No – to all three of these!

Your Facebook adverts sole purpose, is to get people to click on it. Once you have achieved this, your potential client will be exposed to all of your other marketing messages. When you’re researching and creating your adverts – keep this singular goal firmly in mind, or your adverts won’t be effective.

Spying On The Competition

Your next step is to research what kind of message would be most effective when converted into a Facebook advert. To do this, type in some keywords related to your business and go to a community page or group.

On the right you’ll see a lot of adverts – scroll down until you see the ‘more adverts’ link. Click on it, and the ad board should appear. Spend some time reading through other people’s Facebook adverts, to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

Keyword Integration

Like all things on the internet that want to be found – your Facebook advert will need some great keywords. One or two is just fine, as long as they sound natural and best describe your business services or products.

A descriptive keyword in the title, and one in the adverts body will do wonders. Use tools like Google Adwords, or Wordtracker for some general keyword research. This shouldn’t be hard, after all – by now you should know the two words that best describe your business.

Your Facebook Advert Power

Follow these simple steps for a killer Facebook advert!

• Choose a clean, simple image that describes or promotes your business.
• Decide whether you want your link to go to your Facebook page, or to your website.
• Choose two great keywords for your advert.
• Use the first keyword in your 25 character title.
• Use the second keyword in your 135 character body.
• Ensure that your body contains a call to action – buy now or click here!

Create at least 3 of these adverts and run them simultaneously. These will act as your split tests. You’ll be able to see which advert performs the best – and can either improve your conversion rates, or create more effective adverts from the originals.

Researching and creating Facebook adverts isn’t difficult, but it does require clarity and purpose. If you know what your advert is meant to do, then you can achieve more in less time. Concentrate on continually improving your ads, until you begin to see a boost in sales. It’s as simple as that, and worth every penny of your set budget.

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12 Comments on “Researching and Creating Effective Facebook Adverts”

  1. gwiazdy

    This post has been extremely helpful to me. Ive seen another blog try to write this, but it wasnt as good. My friends will appreciate this post as well.

    1. John Souza

      @Gwiazdy – always glad to help! If you have any other questions about creating awesome Facebook adverts, just leave them here and we’ll answer them:)

  2. Carol Sanger

    Defining a marketing goal, understanding the competition and developing keywords specifically for the intended audience are top considerations before undertaking any advertising and yet many advertisers often overlook the importance of following the steps that you’ve outline here in this post. Creating a plan, promoting an appealing offer and reviewing analytics to understand results is also important and typically overlooked. Great post for advertisers who want to do it right and make a smart investment in focused advertising.

    1. John Souza

      @Carol – thanks for the compliment, we certainly appreciate it. It’s amazing how many businesses forget the basics, we can only hope to remind them with posts like these:)

    1. John Souza

      @ Commission black ops – thanks alot! We post daily, so check out the new post of the day on the blog homepage. All comments are welcome, and thanks for reading:)

  3. [email protected] Left Abdominal Pain

    I think advertising on Facebook is even more effective tha Google advertising. You can target markets more precisely and you get visitors who are really interested in buying whatever you want to sell. It’s all about writing a killer ad which is not that hard if you look at what other people are doing.

    1. John Souza

      @George – Small businesses have found Facebook ads to be very effective because of the geotargeting they offer. A good Facebook ad can do a lot for a small business page, especially if its a specialized niche. Private medical practices for example, can benefit from a low budget ad campaign. You should try it out!

  4. gracia

    Oh great! Thanks for sharing your insights about how to improve our ads; comments from others helped me get some ideas too!

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