8 Comments on “RIP Steve Jobs: One Man’s Contribution To Social Media”

  1. Chuck Frey

    For years, I have tried different tools and systems for capturing ideas any time, anywhere – miniature notepads, index cards, PDAs, you name it. But none approaches the simplicity and elegance of the iPhone. I simply dictate my idea into an app called Dragon Dictate. Once my words are transcribed, I copy and paste them into Evernote. Viola! Idea captured!

    This powerful, pocket-sized tool has literally revolutionized the way I capture and develop ideas for my two websites.

  2. Jasir Alherbish

    The concept of ” simplifying computing ” has been realized by the great ideas from Steve and his team , now a 5 years child as well as a 75 years person could play with a great machine and interact, this machine is the IPad

  3. Eileen

    Steve Jobs may not be in the same category as Einstein, but he is certainly at least if not better than Bill Gates’ contribution to technology. Gates greatest legacy is the democratization of computing-made it available to the masses. Steve Jobs made us truly mobile; the iPhone is truly a device that can do almost everything that a less bloated version of Windows can do, except that we aren’t stuck at a desk.

    The iPhone is my GPS, my way of surfing the web, rehabilitating my eyes and the latest use-a credit card reader. Without apps, the iPhone wouldn’t be terribly useful; Jobs, with his vision and eye for aesthetics not only developed a great device, but provided the world with an interface that makes the iPhone into anything you want it to be. Moreover, he convinced his targeted market that they really needed this device.

    The two technology purchases that changed my life forever is the iPhone and my MacBook Pro.

    1. John Souza

      @Eileen – I guess that’s the definition of genius – reaching out with something that improves the lives of everyone. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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