7 Comments on “Small Business and Social Media”

  1. Michelle

    Great debate you did on this article but i heard recently, Moroccans complained of having their Facebook accounts hacked, possibly by the government, or possibly by pro-monarchy forces isn’t it risky?

    1. John Souza

      @Michelle – Facebook does its best to prevent people from hacking into personal accounts, but I guess there will always be risks when you put private or business information on the internet. This is no reason to be afraid of using sites like Facebook, and you can always limit what you want to put out into the public domain. The key is to use social media to grow your small business into a medium sized one quicker and more efficiently than you could have done – say 10 years ago – without it. Use technology, and make things happen for your business! Ignore the negative things you hear out there – they will always keep you from your full potential!

  2. Kevin [email protected] Cash

    The main problem is your typical business owners thinks of advertising as spending money to make money. Social media is spending money to increase exposure and they don’t get how that will residually expand their bottom line.

    1. John Souza

      @Kevin – well said. There are many other benefits aside from immediate profit, but I suppose it will take a few years before people are truly convinced of the value of social media.

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