Using Social Media Like a Boss For Your New Online Shop

What if I told you that online shops are clamoring to become more social? Do you own an earning e-commerce site? If you do, then today’s post on ramping up your sales with social media is not to be missed. Here’s how to use social media, like a boss, to rapidly improve the traffic and actual sales on your site.

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The Basic Social Infrastructure

Online shops have been using social media for a while, but only recently have they discovered the sheer traffic and sales potential of these platforms. Here are the must-have social buttons on your e-commerce site.

• Facebook buttons, like, share, comment
• Pinterest buttons, and each of your product images should be on Pinterest
• Twitter buttons
• Blog links

Recent stats prove that for small online shops Facebook can be a significant earner. A viral Facebook group can drive as much as 25% of the overall monthly traffic to a fairly automatic (unattended) online shop.

The potential of Pinterest is evident – take photos of your products in a social context, and see how responsive a built in audience can be. Pinterest users love to see your products in action, in how-to’s, reviews and tips images.

Twitter is a superb platform for announcing your latest sales and exclusive offers. Using tracked links to see who clicks on these specials, and figure out how you can make more people interested in your sales.

Your blog is a great place to create reviews, articles and information pieces on your products, or on topics surrounding your products. This is excellent for improving your SEO potential, which will attract more traffic to your sales website.

Using Social Apps To Enhance Your Online Shop

Forward thinking online shops are getting more involved with adding app functionality to their pages. These apps improve sales, and add specialized features to your pages that your customers appreciate. The group gifts app for example, allows your friends to buy a product at your store, by inviting a few of their friends to chip in on the price.

Through Facebook and Twitter, their social connections can login to the app on your page, and contribute money to purchase one of your products for a friend or for themselves. You’ll find interesting and enhancing apps like these all over the place.

Another app may allow users to check out third party reviews of your product, or will let them see your product close up, using a zoom plugin.

5 Must-Have Social Promotions

• Do stalk your competitors social pages to see what they’re up to
• Do promote your online shop on your core social pages: FB, Twitter, Pinterest
• Do give your social media members lots of free gifts and discounts
• Do add as much social proof to your online shop as possible
• Do gather every single customer’s email address for continued marketing

It’s easy to think of social media as an ‘extra’ for your online shop. The truth is, that with trends going the way they are – the shops that focus on social media, will get the lion’s share of sales. People want to buy from people, and know that others in their social networks have bought from you as well!

This is the secret of building a quality online shop! Do you know how to make your online shop more social? Add your tip below!

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smlandingUsing Social Media Like a Boss For Your New Online Shop

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