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Every Tuesday, that’s FOUR TIMES PER MONTH, we have a live mentoring call that you or a staff member can attend. Each call covers specific up-to-date “what’s really working now” topics that will keep you far ahead of your competition, who simply don’t have access to this kind of up-to-date information outside of our exclusive Social Media Inner Circle.

The Social Media Inner Circle brings together the best of the best experts in each of FIVE key areas of Social Media. That means you can get the support and hand holding you need to master ALL the skills needed to become successful from real experts. This is what the Social Media Inner Circle is designed to do.

How the Social Media Inner Circle works…

The 1st Tuesday of every month is “What’s Working Now”.

This is our biggest gathering of the month. We will share what is working and what is new in our business and invite guests and members to share their newest winning strategies. This is the place to learn directly from the top experts. Learn what’s working now to get real results from notable experts as they share their latest and most cutting edge strategies. Seriously, just one nugget from these webcasts could double your conversions, skyrocket your traffic or explode your lists and again, it is always brand new, cutting-edge information.

On the 2nd Tuesday, we have our super popular “Hot Seat” session.

This is where we dissect social media strategies of real businesses and dig deep into what they are doing right AND what they are doing wrong. We will pick sites apart and improve conversions by multiples. You could be a fly on the wall and learn by example or you can put your own site up for review. Just know we are going to be very, very frank and honest. Either way, this one is a member favorite.

Then on the 3rd Tuesday, we have “Open Office Hours”.

These are open mike Q&A calls with our key staff and resident experts. If you have got a question on SEO, we will have someone on our team about that. If you want to hear about something advanced, we will make sure that they are there. This is a chance to really tap our brain power that we have here. Here, you can ask any question live and get a straight answer and it is great that this call comes after the “what’s working now” (WWN) and site reviews because oftentimes the questions are related to one of those two things. Ask any question and get a straight answer without any fluff!

Finally, On the 4th Tuesday our “Tools and Tips” session.

This is where we demonstrate the newest tools and systems that we use to automate our businesses. This is important because people are always asking us, “Hey what do you use for this and what do you use for that”. Well, we will tell you and we will demo it. If something didn’t work out and we had to make a switch, we will let you know that as well.

Membership has its privileges, you also receive…

Exclusive Access to Our Private Members-Only Forum.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. You will have all the support you need to climb to the top of your industry. Each of these live weekly coaching sessions gives you the exact help and support you need to succeed; the critical steps you need to take to get results fast. You’ll also learn from other master marketers and successful students. And it’s 100% content – share thoughts and bounce ideas off us and each other – and there’s NEVER a sales pitch. Ever.

Instant Access to Every Inner Circle Coaching Call We Have Ever Done.

I know the Social Media Inner Circle works. Tens of thousands of satisfied SMMU students are living breathing proof. But, I knew we could help make the process easier, faster, and more successful for you. I knew there were ways we could turn this step-by-step program into a powerful system that was guaranteed to get you the results you want. And what better way than by giving you access to EVERYTHING for one low price.
Highly recommend the online course, particularly sessions on social media strategy, blogging and niche sites
Nathaniel Halsey
Small Business Administration
Listening to the SMMU Webinar. Incredible what you can learn with a little bit of guidance.
Alastair Shakeshaft
Business Manager / Scope Consulting UK
Attended a fantastic lecture about blogging at the #SMMU class today!
Fran Jensen
Small Business Administration /
Thanks to you, Twitter is so much more understandable....Thank YOU!
Thomas Tsakonis
Certified Professional Counselor / Private Practice
Another great session on Social Media Marketing University on Linkedin including how to use Network Activity, Groups, Companies.
Leslie-Ann Drummond
Creative Digital Marketing
Excellent job on the SMMU training course on twitter today. Thanks for the help!!
Ryan Price
Social Media Strategist / Adobe

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