Using Twitter Automation to Boost Your Business Reputation

Spending time building your reputation on Twitter is a time consuming thing. Sometimes the time you spend is not equal to the returns. To stay relevant, your business has to Tweet at least three or four times a day – to gain new followers and open up new lines of communication.

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But who has time to flit in and out of Twitter like that, cutting chunks out of your day? A good Twitter marketing strategy can turn into a time wasting nightmare pretty fast.

That’s why businesses are now using Twitter automation, to remove some of the time burden of continually posting Tweets all day. By using these automatic Tweet services, they are able to queue up their marketing messages and informative or fun messages – space them out equally, and set a time for them to be posted.

Tweet scheduling is a pro-active and effective management system for this micro-blogging platform. The result? Your business reputation continues to grow, as you remain on top of your Twitter marketing strategy and relevant in the eyes of your community.

Using Twitter Automation Software

There are three great Twitter automation platforms in the world today – and each of them will help your social media strategist organize and schedule your Tweets from a central system. Some of these platforms even allow integration with other social networks like Facebook – so you have one location for all of your social media posts.


Hootsuite is a free automation platform that lets you create and schedule your Tweets weeks in advance – if that’s what you want. This is turn leaves you to concentrate on the important parts of Twitter, like communicating with other Twitter users, and making connections across the world. Leave the everyday posting to Hootsuite.


TweetDeck is one of those all-in-one management systems, where you can upload multiple accounts onto their platform and manage them from a central location. Add your Twitter account to the system and monitor or schedule Tweets as you see fit. No more clicking over from multiple accounts – they can all be loaded right here.


SocialOomph is a favorite among online marketers because you are able to schedule Tweets, set up auto direct messages and create functions like the ‘auto-follow’ feature. Not all of these are ‘best practices’ but the functionality is there if you need it. With SocialOomph, you can spend more of your time on Twitter connecting with people, than posting stagnant messages.

Twitter real time searches are becoming more and more popular, and with your auto Tweets, your business will always be in there with relevant information. As long as you target certain keywords and closely plan and schedule each Tweet for maximum efficiency – your business will get a solid boost in reputation. Everything these days is current and in real-time, use this to grow your business image!

Which auto Tweet platform do you use?
What has your experience been when queuing up Tweets?
We’d really like to know!

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smlandingUsing Twitter Automation to Boost Your Business Reputation

4 Comments on “Using Twitter Automation to Boost Your Business Reputation”

    1. John Souza

      @Chris, you’re right – Twitter is a great tool for monitoring what your client base is saying about you, thanks for the tip! There’s nothing more sincere than apologizing on Twitter for a mistake or an inconvenience you have caused your client base – people see it, and they like that you’re making the effort! Great post:)

  1. Blair Evan Ball

    I have used all three social media tools. For social media strategies and time management, I prefer Hootsuite and it’s mobile iphone app which allows me multiple accounts. It’s quick access and response allows me to maximize my time.

    1. John Souza

      @ Blair – Hootsuite is definitely one of the better tools, and a well designed mobile app goes a long way as well, especially for the marketer on the go. 1 point to Hootsuite!

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