2 Comments on “Twitter VS Instagram: Take Your Hipster Photos and Leave!”

  1. dsliesse

    I’ll admit I couldn’t care much less about the specifics, since I tend not to post photos online. What I will say is that these companies will learn — maybe too late, but they’ll learn — that business is about pleasing the customer first, not sacrificing the customer for the purpose of pleasing the investor. Most of us realize that the company has to strike a balance, but still the customer is the ultimate test. Displease the customer, no more customers. No more customers, no reward for the investor.

    In particular, guys, except for the Apple fans who wear blinders (this isn’t all of them), “proprietary” has had its day. The customer wants to be able to mix and match and not be beholden to a single company for anything, at least not at the company’s behest.

    1. John Souza

      @Dsliesse, I think these companies are also struggling to monetize without losing droves of their clients. Just look at today’s post on Instagram – it’s tough out there when you have to make money and your users hate you for it.

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