4 Comments on “The Universal Appeal of The Hashtag: How To Use It In Business”

  1. 360 Degree Marketing

    Great article on #hashtagsforbusiness. I have seen a few people using hashtags on Facebook and like the meme says, some of them overdo it. I think someone needs to write an etiquette book for hashtags, when to use, how many is acceptable on one post, etc

    1. John Souza

      I agree, hashtags are becoming increasingly important. Maybe SMMU can do an ebook on hashtagging one of these days!

  2. Joe Fortunato

    Great piece on the evolution of the good ol’ pound symbol. I guess it will never be called that again. You bring up a very good point about ethically using certain hashtags, as I’ve seen many business accounts and certified accounts use them in very poor taste. One or two hashtags in a post is plenty…I’m sure we all have encountered a post with #hashtagoverload. It’s draining on the eyes and automatically makes the reader skip right over it to the next tweet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. John Souza

      Hi Joe, thanks for the props. Two is always enough when it comes to tagging, one is better. But for the sake of SEO, people use 3 or 4, which can be okay if they are relevant. If they’re random, I switch off – very much like you do.

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