2 Comments on “10 Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips”

  1. Jeremy Brown

    Hey there SM Magic Team,

    #7 is definitely a biggie. Social engagements (at least in my opinion) should always be a friend first-business last type deal.

    Business is so much easier when you have established friends willing to help you out.

    Oh and by the way, interesting take with #10. I do agree with your thinking, it’s doesn’t hurt to try out all the different platforms to see what works and what doesn’t for business.

    Good post team.

    1. John Souza

      @Jeremy, it’s always good to remember that social media for most people, is pure fun. It also allows you to see it from that perspective for awhile, which can actually improve your posts. Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep checking in on us for more awesome SM topics. Any you’d like to hear about?

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