10 High Impact Words That Prompt Response in Social Media

In social media, there are words that you can use to improve your conversion ratios across the board. These words have been found to attract certain responses from people, so they’re great to use in your updates and posts. Use these high impact words for a better, more engaging profile or page.

Social Words

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#1: The Word ‘Teach’

People always look for value in posts, so when they see the word ‘teach’ they know that they’re going to learn something. This is a great start to getting readers to communicate.

#2: The Word ‘Inspire’

Your social media fans love positive re-enforcement, so the word inspire is always well received. Most people would never say no to being a little inspired during the day.

#3: The Word ‘Motivate’

Everyone wants to be motivated, so when you have a secret weapon that will help them do just that, people respond to it. Tell your fans you have something that will get them moving!

#4: The Word ‘Share’

Social media is about sharing, but the word isn’t used much in the context of actually sharing something. Share and use the word, for a double whammy that will attract your fan’s attentions.

#5: The Word ‘Free’

Now, free can sometimes be a bad thing – but used on a credible site like yours, it can be a winner. Entice fans to engage with your brand using the word ‘free’ – it totally works!

#6: The Word ‘Entertain’

If there’s one thing you need to know about the internet, it’s that people LOVE to be entertained here. Promise them some great entertainment, and they’ll follow you anywhere.

#7: The Word ‘Now’

It’s easy to overuse the word ‘now’ so that it loses its meaning. Use it well, and it can have a very powerful effect on your fans. But this is only if you do it right, from now!

#8: The Word ‘Help’

While you aren’t a helpdesk, your fans often need help with things that they can’t find answers too online. Use the word help to direct them to the right information in your posts.

#9: The Word ‘Reward’

Fans love rewards, but they never know when they’re going to get them. Hype your posts and incentives by using the magical word ‘rewards’ and your interaction will spike.

#10: The Word ‘Discover’

When you use the word ‘discover’ it makes your readers feel like you have some exclusive piece of never-before-seen information, just for them. That’s why it works!

Use these 10 words to enhance your Facebook updates, tweets, blog post titles, Pinterest comments and Google+ updates. They have been found to have the most impact in the English language, on other people. Test word combos to see how they perform together.

For example: “Discover How This Inspiring Word Combo Will Help You Now – Rewards To Come!” Obviously you shouldn’t use them all in one sentence, but you get the idea!

Browse through your Facebook posts. Which words have received the most response from your fans? Add them here!

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8 Comments on “10 High Impact Words That Prompt Response in Social Media”

  1. MScott

    You can’t afford to be “sloppy”.

    Just like keyword research, the words we use – ESPECIALLY in headlines and subject lines – will make or break your results.

    I like your list here.

    A few more that I like: Revolution, breakthrough, toolkit

  2. Ron Fischman


    I’m recognizing something here. Aren’t these the words that motivate a prospect to do anything? I am a writer. and I noticed that in my first round of queries for my new novel, 3 Through History: Love in the Time of Republicans, these words fail to appear. Not even one! Are you surprised that the letter didn’t get a nibble? I scratched it and am starting aNEW. Incidentally, DISCOVER what the subtitle is all about for FREE, right NOW before an agent signs me and tells me to take it down from http://3throughhistory.blogspot.com. Perhaps it will INSPIRE you to SHARE it! Your REWARD will be my everlasting gratitude and an autographed copy.

    How did I do?

    1. John Souza

      @K.Singh – thanks for the tip, absolutely right. I read something the other day that suggested any strange keys in a title attracted attention, which is why I sometimes put hashtags in my titles. One for you 🙂

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