10 Social Media Posts That Will Get You Fired!

Social media is still in its fledgling phase, and we know that because companies are still catching their employees posting silly, stupid or harsh things on social networks. Sometimes these posts become downright offensive, and that’s when your job goes bye-bye. Here are 10 common mistakes in social media that will get you fired!

Fired on social media

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#1: Hating Your Job

Everyone moans about their job sometimes. But regularly stating on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ how you can’t bare to be there, because you hate it so much – will lead to one thing – being fired. Your boss will free you from all the hate!

#2: Public Persecution

Saying horrible things about your boss or about one of your bosses is the fastest route to being fired. What YOU say about them, becomes part of their social profile. They won’t like that coming up when their clients, friends and family search their name in Google.

#3: Drinking and Driving

Nothing says ‘I’m glad I hired this model citizen’ like photos of you and your friends drinking while driving on a night out. Its real grounds to fire you, as it casts a dark shadow on your company. Your boss will not like it.

#4: Public Drunkenness and Hangovers

Being late for work, and lying to your boss is all fine and well – except when you’ve just updated your Facebook page stating how hungover you are from the massive party you went to last night.

#5: Relationship Trouble

You can get fired over relationship trouble! When you work for a company, remember that your actions are their actions. Don’t tell people your personal life story online!

#6: Your Great Timeline Milestones

Don’t place a relationship history on your timeline, if you switch partners often, and don’t make ‘taking my first shot of absinthe’ a milestone. It tells your story, make your story worthy of the job that you have.

#7: Steer Clear of Controversy

If you were involved in an extremist meeting, or decided to take cute photos of your kids doing something inappropriate – remember – your boss might not understand your particular brand of humor, or irony.

#8: Moonlighting

Trying to find another job while allowing everyone at your current work – access to that information, doesn’t bode well for you. If moonlighting is a no-no in your contract, it’s probably best to source jobs outside of social media.

#9: Cursing A LOT

Some people curse a lot in social media. If you nurture a clean cut, upstanding image in the workplace, and speak like a sailor online – your boss will wonder who they hired.

#10: Posting Anything Bad FROM Work

Even a semi-controversial post, done from your desk at work can cause problems. Your boss will not be happy you’re using work time to waste time. Make sure you post a lot socially, after work – not when your boss can see how little work you’ve been doing.

Can you think of any other posts that might get you fired? Add yours to the list, and share with the SMM community!

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