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  1. Lisa Ann Landry

    My favorite is befriending your competition and an added twist is uplifting them too. We don’t always have to be competitors because there is room to be strategic partners. I like the idea that the pie is big enough for us all to share.

    Lisa Ann Landry – Social Media Marketing Trainer
    Licensed Coach – The SNCC Way
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  2. TheBacklinkGuy

    @Lisa – Too true. I’m working on a new version of a website I grabbed off flippa a while back. Basically it’s one of these chinese style backlink & traffic websites. I’m aiming to build it up and make it educational for people about the damage they can do with these sort of services while still providing them for those that want and know how to use them.

    I want this comment to be taken seriously so I’m not adding the url to my name but basically add .com to it to see the original website and .com/tbl/ to see where I’m going with it.

    Please read my home page and feel free to give me a shout if you have any advice or suggestions about how to get the points across to people. I’m not being nicey nicey about it. πŸ˜€

  3. TheBacklinkGuy

    You’re most welcome SMMT.

    It sounds crazy but I think people come across these sites a lot and then wonder why their SEO guy charges them so much. I’m trying to educate people and the only way to do that is to provide the service but make it plain what it is. Hopefully I get to make some money of those that are just gonna use it regardless πŸ˜€

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