10 Tips To Monetize Your Facebook Page

292x293xfacebook-money_orig.png.pagespeed.ic.TyvPpVarYYHave you ever wondered how the pros make money off their Facebook pages? Now you can too, with this list on how to do it. With one or more of these tips in action, you’re bound to see some financial reward coming your way soon.

#1: Run a Facebook Ads Campaign

The only way you’re going to see financial return from your Facebook page is by getting traffic there. Or more directly – getting likes. The easiest way to do this is to run a Facebook ads campaign. Don’t forget to split test for maximum results.

#2: Get a Shopping Cart

If you sell products, then adding a shopping cart app to your Facebook page is a great way to sell directly off the platform. There are a number of free apps to chose from, but if you want something really special and completely branded – have it custom made.

#3: Create a Competition App

People love competitions, and they go viral on Facebook faster than cat videos! Hire an app development company to create a competition app for you, and drive traffic to that app. It will get you more likes, more traffic and will sell more of your products and services.

#4: Create a Social Game

Small businesses still underestimate the power of an addictive social game. Get one created and branded, and it means huge exposure for your business. If it catches on, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands, not hundreds of people on your page.

#5: Build an Email List

Internet marketers know the value of an email list. Now that you can’t directly message your fans on Facebook, building a list here is ideal for future marketing tactics. Simply use a static HTML app and integrate it with Mailchimp.

#6: Create a Video Series

If you’re selling products or services the best way to attract immediate attention is to launch a video series, promoting them. Video is the second most interactive feature you can have on your page (aside from apps) so use them as much as possible!

#7: Monetize Your Videos

Once you’ve got your videos running on Facebook, it will send traffic to your Youtube pages. This means higher conversions for your display ads, more clicks on your Google Adsense ads and higher search engine results overall. Kaching!

#8: Blog Roll on Facebook

If you own a blog and monetize it, you can use Facebook to attract new readers (and buyers) by integrating your blog roll on your page. All you have to do is find a free app that allows you to pop your RSS feed on there, and you’re away.

#9: Fan Rewards

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, the real money happens when you convert your fans into word of mouth promoters, even sellers. Offer them rewards to promote for you, free stuff or help with something special. The more they help you, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

#10: Podcast It Up

The most vastly understated marketing tool is the humble podcast. They’re easy to make, and easy to use as an attraction marketing tool on your Facebook page. Schedule an informative podcast once a month, and you’ll grow your page large enough to see profit.

Use these tips to monetize your Facebook page, and watch the money start rolling in!

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