20 Awesome Ways To Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the hottest and most lucrative social media platforms in the world – and it’s a great place to promote your business. Today, I’m going to give you 20 awesome marketing ideas that you can use on Pinterest, to grow your business.

Pinterest for business

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#1: Create Pin Categories

Create enticing pinboard names to attract new fans to your pinboards. Be creative!

#2: A Pin a Day Keeps The Traffic in Play

Smart pinners know to pin at least once a day, every day, for maximum search engine exposure.

#3: Get a Pinterest Widget on Your Blog

Promote your pinboards on your blog, by adding a WordPress widget on there.

#4: Become an Active Pinboard Commenter

Join boards you like, and become an insatiable commenter. Share your opinions all the time.

#5: Add Effects To Your Photos

Improve your photos before pinning them, by adding in effects. If your photos are stunning, they will get pinned more often.

#6: Slap Your Logo On Your Images

If an image of yours does happen to go viral, you’ll want your logo and URL on it.

#7: Create Original Pins With Your iPhone or iPad

Get the Apple app, then create unique pins that you can share all over the globe.

#8: Have a Core Business Board

Use Pinterest as a sales tool by creating a board that is all about your business, services, values, ethics and customers.

#9: Pinterest is a Smoking Hot Case Study Tool

Use Pinterest to create enticing case study graphics that will get you lots of new business.

#10: Repin as Part of Your Strategy

Your goal is to build valuable niche boards, so repin with purpose and categorize accordingly.

#11: Optimize Your Image Descriptions

Every image you pin needs to have an optimized description. Use keywords and your business name for maximum impact.

#12: Gather Tons of Social Proof

Use Pinterest to gather testimonials and brief reviews on your company from fans and clients.

#13: Use Pinterest as a Customer Service Tool

Add an image and use it to answer questions from your community in a fun, Q&A type customer service offering.

#14: Pin Your Youtube Videos

Spend time pinning your Youtube videos on Pinterest to attract high volume fans.

#15: Create Wonderful Community Pinboards

Be in charge of your very own brand fan board. Invite your brand community to pin things there, In appreciation of your business.

#16: Use Pinterest as a Coupon Collection Platform

Get your Pinterest fans to pin your coupon images to redeem them in store. They can also print them out.

#17: Analyze The Data and Improve Your Page

Find out which images got the most pins and drove the most traffic or sales conversions and repeat them.

#18: Pinterest as an Interactive Services Platform

Create a services board on Pinterest, and invite customers to leave commentary and questions there, so that you can improve your business.

#19: Keep an Eye on Trending Pins

Try to create a few popular or trending pins every now and then to increase your viral potential.

#20: Create a Personality Board for Yourself

Pin things that appeal to you as a person, to give people insight into who you are.

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2 Comments on “20 Awesome Ways To Market Your Business on Pinterest”

  1. J.P. Brown

    In our business, we don’t tend to collect a lot of photos, or produce original graphic content. That being the case, can Pinterest still provide us with benefits over and above social media platforms we already use?

    1. John Souza

      @JP – yes, Pinterest can be more valuable to you than Twitter, and can get you more interaction than Facebook. Anything can be made into an image, and these images can be pure sales gold on the platform. Even lawyers can use Pinterest for business, and they’re not graphically inclined either! – John

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