The 2010 Social Media Report For Businesses

With 2010 coming to a dramatic close, and businesses all over the world looking ahead to their social media marketing strategies in 2011 – there’s only one thing left for us to map out for you. What happened with social media in 2010? Are there trends that you should be scribbling down in your notes, before heading into the New Year? Let’s take a look at the key developments in social media over the last year.

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Trends Indicate That 2011 Will Involve More:

Social Gaming

This year saw a boom in social gaming, across a number of social media platforms, especially Facebook. Games like Farmville are played by millions all over the world. Though these gaming apps are still young, we can bank that in 2011, the social gaming realm is going to be viewed by savvy marketers as a way to reach more people, more often.

Mobile Applications

Now that you can get Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn applications on your phone, there’s nowhere your marketing message can’t be heard. We’ll see an even greater mobile crossover, as the older generation chooses to switch to mobile social media in 2011. As the social media addiction grows stronger, the allure of social media advertising will spike next year.

The Social Media Manager

Businesses will seriously consider hiring a social media strategist or manager to handle their marketing on these fresh platforms. Now that there are calculable results, these businesses will make a point of working social media marketing into their budgeting plan. This means another boost in business involvement for 2011.

Content Marketing

As the power of social media marketing grows, so will the need to address the many content requirements that arise. Businesses will begin to implement planned content marketing campaigns on social media platforms, to boost visibility and brand power online. In 2011 we’ll see more business interaction with niche communities.

Trends Indicate That 2011 Will Involve Less:

Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is still a favorite, especially of the ‘old school’ hard selling generation. In 2010, more social media campaigns were launched – which means email marketing is becoming less of a priority for businesses that see the benefit in a constant stream of communication from blogs and social networking sites.

Information Overload

This year was a great year for sites that help you manage your social media campaigns, and as a result – businesses will be able to dedicate less time to updating each profile. When social media first hit the internet, there was a sudden information overload – in 2011 we’ll see more of these management sites in use to prevent that.

MySpace Interaction

The ever dwindling MySpace recedes even further into the background, as the larger social media sites continue to dominate the open market. Now strictly a music site, in 2011 MySpace will suffer more losses and stagnant profiles – as those in the music industry realize a simple Facebook profile can do more for their band.

Keep an Eye on These Emerging Social Media Platforms

And the 2 up and coming stars of 2010 are…


Foursquare is a social media site that allows you to sign up and explore the city you’re in, via suggestions from other community members, and fun incentives that the site provides. Watch out for Foursquare in 2011, its rising fast!


Groupon is a site that encourages ‘group buying’ which means that the seller gives more power to the group, to decide on a fair price for the product. There are also city-specific discounts, to attract new groups onto the platform. Though still a spring chicken in the social media world, this is an idea to watch.

There you have it – our 2010 social media report – brief, simple and easy to integrate into your 2011 social media marketing strategy. Is there a point we’ve left out, that you think will take 2011 by storm? Mention it below and let’s build a comprehensive report for our community!

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