2 Comments on “5 Cutting Edge Social Media Trends For Small Businesses”

  1. Petra, Mobile websites developer

    A good list of trends, and it is so very true about Mobile Devices. At this day and age the owners of businesses should consider having a mobile website, as there is so many people browsing the Internet from their mobile devices. In this way, the businesses can gain more customers and increase their revenue. And there is no need to create a mobile application when a customer can have a mobile website which runs through a web browser and it’s easier to make it multi-platform, unlike an App.

    1. John Souza

      @Petra – thanks, and you’re right about the mobile website. Businesses need to look towards the future, and the future is mobile. Hopefully sites like ours and businesses like yours can convince enough people to make the change. Thanks for your comment! – John

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