5 Scorching Hot Pinterest Tips For an Increase in Sales

By now, you’ve probably joined the Pinterest hysteria, and have been collecting pins and leaving comments on a daily basis. But this doesn’t undervalue the fact that Pinterest – while hyped – is an incredible business tool for social sales. That’s why today, I’m going to give you 5 insider tips on how to use Pinterest to sell more products and services!

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#1: Enhance Your WordPress Blog

Your blog is the main stage for your entire sales funnel, so it makes sense to source a decent Pinterest plugin to stream real-time comments from your pinboard – to your blog. If you’ve been investing a lot of time in Pinterest, then getting yourself a plugin like Pinwidget will make all the difference to your cross sales and overall bottom line.

#2: Drive Additional Traffic With a Guest Pinboard

If your own board is a little too one sided, create a guest pinboard and invite friends, fans and interested pinners to add to the collection. To sweeten the deal, use this arena to run competitions – the best pin wins ‘A’ or ‘B.’ Do this right, and you’ll be able to expand your pinboard considerably, not to mention increase interaction and direct traffic to your website.

#3: Diversify Your Youtube Feed With Pinterest

Whether you’ve just started with Youtube or you’ve been posting videos for years, Pinterest is a new place for you to get more comments, shares, likes and pins thanks to a new generation of image community commenters. Post old and current videos on Pinterest, find the right boards to post these on, and wait for the flood of sales, traffic and fame.

#4: Use Pinterest as an Ebook Sales Tool

If you’ve written some ebooks to promote your business, or to sell directly for cash – Pinterest is a great way to do that. Upload your front cover, blurb and back cover – and single ‘feature’ pages to add value for your followers. If you like, you can even include a link to a free chapter below the pin. This technique is selling ebooks faster than some Clickbank pages, so don’t sneer at it before you try it!

#5: Use Pinterest as a Forum Question Board

Upload a photo of yourself, or one of your team members – and offer to help your fans do something simple, yet specific. Offer advice, insight and a fresh perspective. Small businesses are using the ‘forum question board’ tactic to land new long term clients, or to sell products by the dozen.

When you add a face to the offer, it humanizes the process. Then when requests start pouring in, you can record ‘talking head’ videos in response to fan queries. This is one way to make a name for yourself and your business online. It works like a charm!

Use these 5 scorching hot Pinterest tactics to shape your marketing campaign into a powerful daily earner for your business. Focus on value, quality and consistency here – not the financial reward, and you’ll go far!

Have you experienced some success with Pinterest? Tell me how you made your first sale from your pins!

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smlanding5 Scorching Hot Pinterest Tips For an Increase in Sales

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