5 Tested Strategies For Amping Up Your Social Media Campaign

On June 30 it was social media day – organized and promoted by Mashable. Social media day means something different to everyone. Some attend the meetups, others simply listen in to the discussions. Today I’m going to share with you what I learned about amping up your social media campaigns this week.

Social media day 2012

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#1: Real Life Drives Online Social

If, like many other small businesses online, you find your social campaigns lacking interaction – there’s a very simple way to solve that problem. As the Mashable meetups proved, real life is what truly drives social interaction online. Get out there, take photographic evidence, share real experiences and network with others who are doing the same!

Tip! If you’re not yet involved in conferences, workshops, seminars and networking events, then get involved now.

#2: The Power of Hashtags Revisited

Social media day was just another piece of evidence that hashtags can be an instrumental part of your marketing campaign. Mashable seized upon the hashtag #SMDay, and promoted it across 278 cities. The result was a blast of information during the meetups, with enough attention to make even the most lazy marketer come away with new fans, and a massive boost in sales. It’s the eyes and interaction you want.

Tip! If you’re going to be part of an event, get a hashtag going so that people can interact online during the event!

#3: The Benefits of Live Tweeting

Pete Cashmore understands the benefits of live tweeting. I’d bet almost anything that during these meetups, the Mashable site received a huge increase in traffic from all over the net. Live tweeting is a potent form of marketing, and can be used to speak directly to large numbers of people all over the globe, at a given time.

Tip! Live tweeting allows you to collect live market research, source social proof, do some high impact sales, and will attract bulk traffic to your sites.

#4: Building a Large Fan Base

The recent meetups for social media day are a great reminder about how important it is to build a following of real people, who interact with your business. In less than a week, you can organize events, and have large numbers on your side. Imagine how much more successful your product launches, sales and gatherings will be.

Tip! Don’t forget to build your fan base each month. Just remember to make sure that they are all real people, who genuinely like interacting with you.

#5: Fan Relationships For Viral Networking

When you have a dedicated fan base of ‘friends’ you have access to their communities. Your 5000 followers, and 50 other people’s 2000 followers will all be able to see your message, if you really want to get it out there. That’s over 100,000 people that might see your message. It’s controlled viral marketing, and it only happens when you have close relationships with fans.

Tip! Build up a network of fans who are only too glad to share your posts. This will trigger a controlled viral marketing effect, which leads to success nearly every time.

Do you have a great social media tip that you learned during social media day? Share it with the SMM community here!

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smlanding5 Tested Strategies For Amping Up Your Social Media Campaign

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