5 Ways To Promote Customer Service on Your Social Pages

Social media gives every business the opportunity to improve and expand upon their customer service profile. Whether it’s collecting valuable feedback, conducting polls, or providing a platform for complaints and comments – social media can do it all for you, in a fast, practical and sustainable manner. Let’s investigate how.

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#1: Run Customer Service Polls on Facebook

Create a system of questions designed to improve how you relate to your customers and provide them with real world, and online service. Ask your fans directly how you can improve your service offerings and make it easier to communicate with your customers. These Facebook polls will act as live feedback, and can help you solve ‘hidden’ issues in your business.

#2: Use and Promote Twitter Hashtags

Create a customer service ‘tweet-line’ out of a hashtag, which your customers can use to communicate directly with you. They can tweet complaints, queries, thanks, suggestions and more to your hashtag feed. It’s a great way to neatly and efficiently manage your customer service issues online. It also makes replying orderly, and fast.

#3: Host Live Customer Comment Interaction Sessions

Promote an event on Twitter, that will attract your fans, customers – even your competitors. Chat with them about your brand, and use the real time feedback to unearth some truths about your business. These live sessions can be very valuable, especially if you attract a large ‘crowd.’ Get feedback on new services, products and processes in no time.

#4: Launch a Customer Service Facebook App

Need a long term customer service interface? Get a Facebook timeline app created that your customers can use to reach you directly. Link it to an email account, and manage complaints, suggestions and queries here – in a neat and professional manner. This is a great idea for small businesses, that need to consolidate their online customer service.

#5: Promote an Interactive Pinterest Page

Create a pinboard on Pinterest, dedicated to customer service. Encourage fans to comment and provide feedback on images and videos that you post. This will attract more interaction, and customers will be more willing to share their true feelings with you, if the problem is illustrated in an image. It’s also a great way to collect poll answers.

Promoting customer service means properly utilizing technology on your social pages, and the built in infrastructure that is already available to you. The trick is to track these efforts, to create a customer service profile, that is fed by several social media pages. Using this detailed analytics data you can progressively and systematically improve your business.

It’s the customers that really matter in any business. If your customers aren’t getting the service they expect, you won’t be in business for very long. Continue to collect data, and apply it your business – but also keep an eye out for ‘chatter’ about your service profile online. You’ll want to manage positive and negative feedback as it happens.

How do you promote customer service on your social media pages? Share your tips with the SMM community!

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