6 Incredible Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Improve Your Business

Google+ hangouts is arguably the greatest feature to come out of Google’s attempt at a social network. It’s certainly the most useful and beneficial for business growth. That’s why today I’m going to share with you 6 unique ways that hangouts can boost your business. Use any one of these to successfully improve and expand your small business.

Hangouts on Google+

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#1: Improve Internal Communication

Set a time to host internal meetings via hangout’s excellent video function, and you’ll find that your employees are more eager to attend your meetings. Everyone will always be able to connect and share, so meetings won’t be stalled by absentees or missing management. Swap documents, and use the ‘share screen’ function to collaborate on something together.

#2: Become a Hangouts Training Wiz

Use your Google Hangouts account to record training discussion sessions, live with your employees. That way you can build up a library of easy-to-access training videos that future employees can view and learn from. Savvy businesses might even find a way of monetizing these videos for additional passive income online, or to improve their Youtube traffic.

#3: Client Meetings

Host private client meetings with your clients, and you’ll be able to record them for later viewing. Plus you can connect with up to 10 clients from around the world, to host a webinar or to offer your consulting services over the internet. Share learning materials with them, project details and discuss important points.

#4: Client Testimonials, Case Studies and Demos

Looking for a great way to hook new clients? Use Google+ hangouts to give live demonstrations of your work, or share live case studies with them. These presentations will be more personal, resulting in more clients gained. Plus you’ll have the chance to collect more video testimonials than ever before, directly from your clients.

#5: Twitter Market Research Videos

Invite 10 or so if your most active Twitter users to join you for a market research webinar, and reward them with free stuff. Once they’re live, get them to answer all the questions you can, and gather that all important market research. Then posts the videos online to increase your online traffic, and expand your Youtube feed.

#6: Answer Customer Questions

You probably get sent queries all the time – if they’re knowledge based, host your own Q&A on hangouts to answer these questions. Answer them live on video and your fans will get to know you better. This in turn will improve every aspect of your online profile. Gain more fans, more clients and become a rockstar customer service business.

These 6 great ways to use Google+ hangouts are just the tip of the iceberg. Add casual meetings, interesting ways to enhance your Youtube feed and more, and there are literally dozens of other ways to take advantage of this video feature.

Play around with hangouts and see what works. It’s quick, easy and a great way to support your more challenging social pages.

How do you use Google+ hangouts to improve your business? Leave your answer below!

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smlanding6 Incredible Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Improve Your Business

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