7 Explosive Twitter Marketing Tactics You Don’t Know About

Have you done anything to improve the way that you market your business on Twitter lately? If not, then check out today’s post, where I list 7 of the most explosive Twitter marketing tactics used by the pros. You might not know about these yet!

Twitter marketing tactics

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#1: Use a Validation Service

Are you tired of the thousands and thousands of tweets, and absolutely no interaction from any of your followers? A lot of Twitter accounts are spammers, and there’s only one way to deal with those – sign up for a Twitter validation service! Each person that follows you will have to validate that they are human.

#2: Use Your Direct Messages Properly

Direct messages are a great way to share incentives with select fans. Run a Twitter competition, and tell your fans that the prize will be delivered in a DM link. You can get a lot of interaction on Twitter from this one simple marketing play.

#3: Streamline Your DM Auto Delivery

If you have an auto-tweet that is delivered to the direct message box of new followers – please make sure that yours is friendly, non-intrusive and does not sell anything to anyone. People don’t like spam, sales spam, or other spam, disguised as an incentive.

#4: Advertise As Much as You Can

If Twitter is a big earner for you, there’s nothing more lucrative than setting up an advertising campaign on the platform. People are hesitant to spend advertising dollars on social sites, but once they do – they never go back. Step out of the box and advertise – your earnings will increase rapidly in no time!

#5: Don’t Only Use Hashtags, Create Them

Hashtags can be used to great effect, when the small business marketer creates and markets something unique across their social pages. Use hashtags to promote a new product, give away a great incentive – or to get the word out on a local event. It doesn’t have to trend to be extremely valuable to your users.

#6: Use Your Connect Page To Open Dialogues

Click on your ‘connect’ page to open your interactions section in Twitter. Find out who has retweeted your tweets, favorited them, followed you, spoken to you and more. Target recent folks who want to open a dialogue, and do! Create genuine friendships with people, and Twitter will become a marketing hive for you.

#7: Use Your Twitter ID Everywhere

If you haven’t yet put your Twitter handle on your business cards, emails, pamphlets, on your blog author signature – everywhere – do that now. You have to build credibility for your Twitter ID, by making it as popular as your actual name. Think of it as a name, with a lot of information attached to it. You want people to see it!

Use these 7 explosive Twitter tactics to expand your following, increase interaction and create a great name for yourself on Twitter. Once the word is out that you’re using your account like a pro, the rewards will come. People appreciate a well-managed account, even if it’s just based on ‘interaction’ page replies.

Are you harboring an explosive Twitter tip that you’d like to share with SMM? Leave it here!

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