9 Excellent Ways To Use Tags on Your Social Pages

Tagging is a popular action in social media, that helps you identify people, things, keywords or places. There are a number of ways that you can use this feature to increase engagement on Youtube, Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook and other social pages. Today, I’m going to let you in on 9 great tagging techniques that you can use in your next campaign.

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#1: Facebook Competition Tagging

Get your fans to tag images on your fan page to enter a competition. Randomly select a winner from a location on the image you’ve previously chosen!

#2: In-video Youtube Tagging

Tagging ‘in-video’ means that you’re leaving a tag, or note, for the viewer to read as they watch your video. Make sure that yours enhances your video, and that they aren’t spammy.

#3: 3 Point Keyword Tagging on Your Blog

Find the right tag keywords for your blog posts using the 3 point method – check Google suggestions, Google Adwords and your direct competition.

#4: Flickr Tagging by Location

If you upload lots of photos on Flickr, you’ll want to use a geotagging system. Tag your photos systematically by location, or by description.

#5: Hashtag Your Pinterest Pins

There are hashtags on Pinterest, but they work a little differently. Upload your image and tag it with a hashtag. It’ll act as an easy search source for your followers. When they click on the hashtag, it’ll automatically search for more images with that descriptive term.

#6: Facebook Fan Recognition Tagging

Get your fans to tag themselves and their friends in images that you post, when you collect fan photos at events. These will help encourage commenting, liking and sharing.

#7: Pop Up Tag on Youtube For Direct Traffic

Use a Youtube in-video tag as a URL pop-up, in strategic places. People are more likely to click on a URL during video play, than after it. Time yours carefully.

#8: Twitter Free Giveaway Hashtags

If you have trouble getting followers to use your hashtags, try incorporating your brand name with an obvious free giveaway tagline. It adds value and causes a viral surge.

#9: Source Popular Hashtags Already in Use on Twitter

Instead of making up your own hashtags, find a particularly popular and applicable hashtag that already exists in your niche. Often this will gain you a lot more followers.

BONUS TIP! Tagging is almost always about SEO in social media. Unless you’re tagging faces or locations – chances are you’ll need a solid keyword to increase your ranking potential. People forget that every single tag is an opportunity to improve your SEO.

Use these 9 great tips to shape your tagging into something useful – and remember to keep an eye out for tagging that is noticeably well-optimized. It’s easier to learn, when you see expert SEO in action. Make a note to always check what your competition is doing in the tagging department, when conducting other SEO research.

Do you have a tagging tip for the SMM community? Leave it here, and let’s discuss how it’s worked for you!

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smlanding9 Excellent Ways To Use Tags on Your Social Pages

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