6 Comments on “Ashton Kutcher: Time For a Social Management Team”

  1. MarkAylward@OnlineMarketing

    It’s very clear that “reaction” in the social media world is a very dangerous thing to engage in because the internet is written in pen, not pencil. You need to research different sides to things before committing in Twitter or Facebook…or just wait a day and don’t worry about being first

    1. John Souza

      @Mark – even when you wait a day, one small piece of info can mislead armies of other bloggers. Its all about learning to refine your research skills! Thanks Mark.

  2. Kelly C

    I too agree that the “Most” brands need a social media management team to filter and censor what is being put out to the millions. I also feel that a leader in the social media world such as Kutcher might benefit from some low level assistance more than that of a management team.
    He made a very common mistake of commenting before doing research, it happens every day but in this case his followers and fans alike are millions strong. They have reacted badly to a misinformed and quick to react tweet.
    I teach my clients, before they post comments, tweet or make blog posts, first you need to do basic research so you are educated on the subject or incident and can defend your comment if someone questions it.
    With Kutcher, that is the kind of direction I feel he needed and would benefit from most. As for the thousands of flaming comments towards Kutcher, at this time I feel he would best benefit from a team responding to each comment in a specific manner and handle the fallout in his best interest.

    1. John Souza

      @Kelly – well said Kelly, and certainly a valid point. I think most of all, it was a rude awakening for Ashton, who never really considered the implications of his words before then. While we don’t think it’s necessary to reply to each individual tweet, a blanket apology has been issued which will do the trick! Keep reading:)

  3. Lesa@Conversation Marketing

    While brand management is important and what is posted online is more indelible than permanent marker, I don’t believe that means that every business needs a social media management team. Rather, everyone who is online — whether a business, a celebrity, or just an individual — should have a strategy for what is okay to post, what is questionable and requires further research, and what is simply not okay to post online. Having this kind of guidance would have helped Aston avoid this situation.

    Considering that the majority of job offers are not made without first checking the candidates online profiles, no one who is online can afford to post things indiscriminately.

    1. John Souza

      @Lesa – Perhaps what we need are different levels of management? Light filtering or editing could be all that is required for someone like Ashton, that enjoys tweeting. Small businesses are able to manage their own strategies certainly, but they lack the time and resources to do the necessary work. While some will succeed, others will give up. It’s up to all of us to make sure that the businesses that do decide to manage their own campaigns are informed. Thanks for a great comment!

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