The Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

Are you one of those business owners who still isn’t convinced that social media advertising is worth the trouble? It’s not the first time we’ve heard it! Advertising has only really taken hold this past year, but the social media machine is churning out more rewards than ever for those who make the initial investment. Let’s take a closer look at why you need to consider social media advertising for your business.

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Fast Keyword Specific Adverts

Like Google’s Adword campaigns, social media adverts literally take a paltry 15 minutes to set up. If your keyword research is on target, your advert will be effective. All you need are 2 solid keywords and a call to action for your advert to enjoy a number of new clicks.

Whether it’s to join your Facebook business page, or to promote a product on the LinkedIn DirectAds network, all you need are the keywords you already have from past online marketing research.

Social Media Advertising vs Banner Ads

While banner ads have been all the rage for the past five years, social media advertising is slowly making them look bad. This is because you can reach a more targeted audience on an interactive platform – according to your budget.

Choose anything from age, sex, interests and education to nail down your ideal customer. Plus social media doesn’t have the negative reputation banner advertising has managed to build for itself, from tactless marketers looking to make a quick buck. How often do you click on banner ads?

Your Budget Woes

Social media advertising is as cheap as you want it to be. Of course the more money you sink into your campaign, the more buyers you’re going to get out. But because you are able to set your own budget limitations, any campaign can be managed to the last detail.

No overspending, or shocking bills at the end of the month. It also means your social media marketing budget can gradually grow, along with your client returns. A small business can begin with a budget of $200 a month, and then expand to $1000 if they are converting these new community members into loyal buyers.

Tracking Makes Perfect

Ask any millionaire online marketer what made them their millions. They’ll say, “Tracking and adjusting my marketing material accordingly” which is essentially the basis of any outstanding online sales record. Social media advertising can also be tracked, monitored and adjusted.

You have complete control, and complete clarity throughout the process of split testing. As your community grows your marketing messages will get better, because you can see where you’re going wrong. Any advertising system that lets you track its progress is a money-spinner if done correctly.

Social media advertising is still at the very precipice of its potential. If you get onboard now, in a few short years you could turn a small business into a thriving medium sized business – all from targeted social media messages. Get the word out about your business to millions of people and see where it takes you!

What about you? Do you have any gold nuggets of advice for people looking to invest in social media advertising? Where have you been the most successful? We want to know, add it below!

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4 Comments on “The Benefits of Advertising on Social Media”

  1. SMM Team

    @DFW Social Media – 2011 will definitely be a year of enlightenment for many businesses who haven’t used social media yet. We also hope to see the development of strategies for social media, something that was experimented with last year. Businesses will catch on to new platforms, planning and tracking!

  2. michael

    this is very true – with just a few keywords you can be up and running on many social networks but make sure that you set your budget or you will run in to the same problem as with google – spending more than you make is not a option that you want to face…

    1. John Souza

      @Michael, knowing your budget limitations is a key step in running a great social ad campaign. You can always increase it later on, I’ve known companies to start out with as little as $50.00! – John

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