4 Comments on “How To Build Up Your Fan Base On Your Facebook Fan Page”

  1. Mark Aylward

    Solid tips. Using Facebook effectively really is a mindset thing. It’s not about technology, it’s about identifying opportunities in the changing social landscape

    1. John Souza

      @Mark – Identifying opportunities in the social sphere is certainly going to give you the edge – the trick is to first gain an advanced knowledge of Facebook and what you can do with it as a marketer or business owner. Keep reading!

  2. Lisa Ann Landry@CorporateTrainer

    I’ve learned while doing speaking engagements its best to provide a QR code to my FB Fan Page otherwise people always seem to need help finding my profile or Fan Page. QR codes make it so easy for fans.

    I’ve started posting video testimonials on my Fan Page from audience members who are on FB & are part of a larger group in attendance at my training programs. I make share to tag them in comments when I post the video. It generates likes & comments from their friends & colleagues.

    Lisa Ann Landry – Corporate Trainer
    I’m an exuberant force of light… Come light up your life

    1. John Souza

      @Lisa – nice to meet you! QR codes are great for direct referrals and it sounds like you have a firm hold on how to get your community to interact with each other. We’re glad to have you as a reader! Feel free to leave your Facebook link here, so our fans can check it out.

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