5 Comments on “How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest”

  1. Jackie Bailey

    I am a consultant for Dentists and physicians. I’m not sold on the Pintrest idea. How can it help a business like mine?
    I’m currently writing a book, and have a blog—just for added information…

    1. John Souza

      @Jackie, we’d have to take a closer look at exactly what you do to give you advice, but surely some of these tips give you some great ideas? Even a consultant can turn image marketing into a money-spinner. I’d encourage some further investigation on your part πŸ™‚ – John

  2. Elleke

    I’m sure that most businesses can benefit from Pinterest. I found out that if you follow the ‘big names’ they sometimes follow back as a favor and if you pin nice pictures they will/could repin- this way your company will benefit from other peoples followers.

    even more important is when you ‘pin’ pictures which link to your own website of blog, this means more traffic to your website and more brand awareness among the people.

    and @jackie I don’t know if your book is finished already but try to make a great looking picture of your book- as Pinterest is all about visual. pin this picture and link it to your website, you could add the price in the description, this way your book will appear in the gift section. also add general info in the description and not just the title as people wont find your book then. try words like ‘book’ book club’ ‘gift’ ‘reading’ and maybe some key words about the content of your book. lets see if you get sells now. πŸ™‚

    1. John Souza

      @Elleke, that’s great advice thanks πŸ™‚ For people trying to sell their books or ebooks, Pinterest is an excellent social tool. I might have to do a post on this to really get stuck into the details. – John

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