3 Comments on “How To Earn $300,000 Selling Ebooks Online”

  1. Ester Benjamin Shifren

    #2 pricing seems way overpriced! My soon to be converted print book (doing exceptionally well) has 276 pages. How do I relate to your eBook pricing guide? I’m really anxious about that aspect, and have been advised to pitch at $4.99, but I am thinking most probably around 5.99 to 6.99 is correct. I have a big story of internment in a WWII Pow camp in Shanghai.
    Author: Hiding in a Cave of Trunks

    1. John Souza

      Hi Ester, that’s why pricing ebooks can be rough – it’s very subjective. It all depends on your content, and the time you’ve put into creating your book. The average new fiction sells for about $14.99, but non-fiction is a challenge. The only way to really land on a fair price, is to split test two sales pages. See which price appeals to more people. You can always drop your prices, but inflating them can cause trouble!

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