4 Comments on “Your Facebook Cover Page: Brands! You’re Doing It Wrong!”

  1. Armaan

    Hai you have given a very updates regarding cover image.

    Sorry i have one small doubt like i mean to say is if the user have come to my facebook page and in a facebook cover page i have written”Like us to get the coupon code” So when they click on that my coupon code it should appear/ pop up ? can we do like this.

    Well wait for your positive answer.

    1. goldsgym

      You can add a description for your cover photo that contains a hyperlink that would point towards your free coupon. The person would have to click twice – once on the cover photo and then on the hyperlink.

      1. John Souza

        Thanks for your input, great advice! I hear that coupon redemption on Facebook ads is also on the rise. Good news for businesses that are looking for a way to convert their fans into buyers.

    2. John Souza

      Hi Armaan, Goldsgym is right – or your Facebook cover can point to your app windows below, where you can add a coupon redemption app. Your customers will love that!

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